How to Keep Your Car Safe and Secured in Your Garage

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How to Keep Your Car Safe and Secured in Your Garage

Your garage is one of the most important doors in your home. It’s where your pride and joy lives, and it’s also an entry point into your house. Keeping it safe and protected from thieves is a priority.

In Western Australia, a car is stolen almost every hour.

That makes WA the second-highest state in terms of frequency of thefts. And while you might think that your car is safe in its garage – you may want to take another look.

Here’s how to keep yours safe and secure.

Keep your garage door free from obstructions

One of the main problems facing garage owners is space. Garages aren’t just for cars – they typically house a lot of other gear that is either being stored or used as a gym, workshop or even a chill-out spot.

No matter what you’ve got stored in there – make sure it doesn’t interfere with the everyday functioning of your garage door. Obstructions can cause the door to spontaneously open, leaving your car vulnerable to opportunistic thieves. And this may even lead to broken garage doors. According to the link,, a broken garage door can not only end up compromising the safety and security of your home, but it can also disrupt the curb appeal of your space. So, make sure you get your garage doors repaired or replaced as soon as you spot any problematic issues.

Upgrade your lighting

Thieves don’t like lighting. It scares them away. So, installing some nightlights can change your security environment drastically. If you don’t want to add to your electricity bill, consider installing solar-powered lights that can charge up during the day – ready for use at night time.

Sensor lights are also another way of saving electricity – rather than having 24/7 lighting which will definitely change your power bill for the worse.

Install a security camera

It’s one of the best security mechanisms available, and while it can be costly to install one outside – having a DIY setup in your garage can be just as effective. Make sure you cover enough area to provide police with sufficient details in the event that you do catch them on tape.

Keep your side doors and home secure

Garage doors are always a concern. But so are other doors and exits built into your garage. As your garage is a sort of second access point to your home – it’s crucial to ensure these get just as much security as your front door. Don’t leave spare keys lying around under pots or between bricks – give them to a trusted friend or relative for safekeeping.

Secure your release lever

Your release lever is attached to a cord that hangs on the inside of your garage door. When pulled, this manually de-activates the door’s system and allows you to simply pull open the garage door. Thieves know about these, and they can easily prise open the bottom of the door and ‘fish around’ for the lever with wire or another device.

You don’t want to fall victim to this.

Ensure that your lever is secured on the inside to avoid this. Get some tape or a zip tie to ensure it cannot be tamped with. If that sounds too fiddly, you can install a protector that limits outside access to the lever.

Remove valuables from your car

It’s always a good idea to empty your car of all valuables when you get home – but also when you park it anywhere in public too. This will lower the risk of your car being broken into and you then needing to repair your car. It’s one thing to have insurance, but no one wants to fill out that paperwork.

Remember to remove all laptops, jewelry, and items of sentimental value too.

Install a fence and electric gate

Fences and electric gates are tried and tested security solutions that may be costly but can make sure thieves don’t make off with your car. This solution reduces the chances of car theft on your property by a big factor. Thieves will find it more difficult to not only access your property in the first place but also extracting the car from the garage or past the gate is highly difficult and you’d be very unlucky if they did.

Ensure your gate has security features

Codes, remote controls, wheel stops, cameras, or even owning dogs can turn a would-be thief into someone who might try another day, somewhere else.

Installing these measures around your gate or fence can turn around your safety rating and ensure your pride and joy remains where it should be – in your garage.

Go all in: Install a bollard

For the security pragmatist, a bollard is a smart and effective solution to this dilemma. Bollards prevent car thieves from driving away, and there’s no need to install a huge gate and camera project.

Installing a bollard in your driveway can also ensure nobody parks you in (or out) and will give you peace of mind when you’re away from home knowing that your vehicle is safe and sound.

Want to know more about how a bollard can protect your car? Get in touch with your local supplier and speak to them about the best solution for your property.


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