How to Keep Your Dog Happy Always

How to Keep Your Dog Happy Always

There’s nothing sweeter than having a happy dog. And your pet’s happiness comes down to how well you treat it.

So, to help you get the best of your best friend, here are some helpful tips to keep it always happy.

Give your dog something to do when it’s alone

Just like humans, dogs get bored too. And a bored dog is an unhappy one. That’s when it even tends to misbehave the most. So whenever you’re leaving your pet, giving it something to do, like a bone or, better still, some bully sticks to chew on. Dogs like chewing a lot, and bully sticks serve two purposes: they give your pet a long-lasting chew, keeping it busy and excited.  They also provide a nutritious boost as each stick is made of beef, 100% digestible and natural.

Meet its nutritional needs

Dogs do not eat like us humans, and their foods are not ours. And just as you get happier when you eat your favorite food to your full, that’s how your best friend is too. So head into the store or order online some quality, nutritious branded dog food for your pet (dry food for the adults and puppy food for puppies).

Stimulate its mind

How much dogs love to play can never be overemphasized. But even more importantly, they’re instinctual, always looking for opportunities for you to test their wits and for them to express their creativity. So go outside, play fetch, take it to the woods to chase squirrels, take a road trip and walk it to somewhere new once in a while.

When playing fetch, one point is to not stop until it willingly decides to rest. Of course, this will take your time, but it will be fun for you too, and this is your best friend’s happiness we’re talking about.

Exercising your dog is one of the best things you can do as a pet parent. With its mind always stimulated, it’ll never get bored.

Routine care

A sick or pest-infested dog wouldn’t be thrilled. So, it’s great to check your friend’s coat once in a while for ticks and fleas. Run a flea comb through its fur. Also, schedule regular visits to the vet, offer good grooming and supplements.

Provide fresh, clean water

Your dog needs water a lot as it can quickly get dehydrated, especially in hot weather. So get fresh water in their bowl whenever it’s mealtime.  Even when there’s water left from hours ago, it’s not very good for your dog. Also, try to scrub the dish.

Provide a warm, clean shelter

Your dog wouldn’t be thrilled when kept in moist, cold bedding. Ensure it has a clean, warm shelter it can always retire to, so you should tidy the bedding regularly.

Train your dog

As a break-out from the mental stimulation, dog training will keep your pet’s mind stimulated as it tries to learn new things. For example, teach it how to understand your gestures and calls. You could even start a funny dance and watch how your dog responds excitedly.

If you’re not sure how to train your dog, get help from a dog trainer near you.

Bottom Line

Being your best friend, you’ll most definitely be happier to see your dog in elevated spirits. And it all depends on the little, creative attention you give to that adorable animal.

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