How to Keep Your Home Clean if You Have Pets


How to Keep Your Home Clean if You Have Pets

People love their pets – and how would they not? Our furry companions can provide so much warmth, love, and companionship and teach us so much about responsibility and compassion.

On the other hand, pets are a pretty serious responsibility – you need to care for their health and safety, as well as their daily needs. Another potential downside of owning a pet is the amount of mess they create in your home.

We talked to cleaning experts at Castle Keepers of Greenville about dealing with cleaning houses with pets. Here are their tips.

The Hairs on Your Furniture

Whether you like it or not, dogs and cats shed – apart from a few rare breeds. This means that hair will be one of your major concerns if you have an indoor pet, especially if you let them climb the furniture.

You may assume that the vacuum cleaner is the best course of action, but it can only do so much. If the hairs get entangled into the fabric of your furniture, the vacuum cleaner will be wholly ineffective. Rather than that, take a wet rubber glove and rub it over the surface. You will be surprised at the amount of hair you’ll be able to clean that way.

The Hairs on Your Clothes

Apart from your furniture, the biggest problem with hair will be facing your clothes – both those you’re currently wearing and those in your closets. There are products which you can use to clean your clothes, such as lint rollers which are very effective against hairs on the clothes you’re already wearing.

There’s also a solution for the clothes you’ve washed, provided that you use the dryer. You can buy special plastic balls to put in your dryer. Although not a 100% successful, they are very effective, and should keep your clothes presentable. Coupled with a strategic brushing of your pet, this should be a practical and efficient way of keeping your pet’s hair away from your clothes.

Bathroom Accidents on Your Carpets

If your pet has an accident in your house, dealing with it quickly should be one of your priorities – preventing the mess and the smells from seeping into everything around. If the accident happens on a hard surface, like tiles or hardwood floor, your job is fairly easy – just clean it like you would any other mess.

If, on the other hand, this happens on the carpet, there are differences in the approach you should take depending on what the issue was. If the pet peed, you need to cover the stain with a towel or a cloth and let it absorb as much as possible. Then get another towel and soak it in white vinegar and water and gently brush the offending spot. Don’t get the second towel dripping wet, as it may cause mold in your carpet if not cleaned properly.

Once done, you may need to deodorize the smell if it is still noticeable. For best results, use baking soda to absorb the smell and a fragrance of your choice to replace it.

On the other hand, if the leavings of your pets are solid, you need to be smart about it. First of all, collect as much as you can (without smearing it into the carpet’s fibers). Then leave it to dry, pick up the pieces that were left and vacuum the carpet. Repeat the baking soda and fragrance bit once done.

Living with pets requires a bit of adaptation from all of us, which includes your cleaning habits and techniques. If you have pets in your home, try these tips and make your life that much easier.

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