How to Keep Your Pets Healthy This Year

Your pets are your pride and joy. They can even feel like your own children, which is why when they get sick or aren’t at their best, it is distressing. A busy life can make it hard to give them the proper care and attention that they need, but thankfully there are a few tips and tricks to help them be healthier and happier than ever:

Find Great Leash-Free Zones in Your Area

Your dog needs so much more than a walk. They need to run, they need to play, they need to spend their energy and have fun. Hikes can be a good alternative, but nothing will beat going to a dog park or to an area that allows dogs off the leash to run free. They will work out their muscles, their hearts, and have a great time without you needing to go any faster than a comfortable walking pace.

Cats are far less demanding, yes, but do be aware of any warning signs of frustration. You might want to invest in a scratching post and stop them from clawing at the carpet. Furthermore, you should consider investing in a cat climbing frame so that they can stretch and climb and play.

Regulate Their Feeding Times

This can be difficult if you work at odd hours, but try to regulate when they eat as much as possible so that they can behave better and so that you can regulate their food intake and weight. A bonus? If there are two of you then it can be easier to keep track of when your pet has been fed. Choose pet foods that contain quality ingredients. Also, look for foods formulated to help your pets conditions like weight gain by Visionary Pet.

Tip: If you cannot always be at home during feeding time you can invest in an automated feeder. This way if you aren’t at home you don’t need to worry about missing dinner.

Invest in Anti-Pest Medication

The biggest culprit to pests invading your home is likely your own pet. They go off, run throughout the wild, and just a few fleas jumping onboard during their frolicking can be all that is needed to infest your home. The same applies to outdoor cats. Invest in anti-pest medication (typically a pill and some medication you need to spread on their backs) and you can avoid pests altogether. Not every brand will work for your individual pet, so do be prepared to shop around for options.

If your home is infected then you need to tackle the problem ASAP by finding a great pest control option, like this pest control Kansas city company.

Take Them in for Bi-Annual Check-Ups

One of the reasons why you will want to invest in pet insurance is because the ideal rate of check-ups is twice per year. Your vet will want to inspect your pet, check them over, and make note of any changes. This way you can spot a problem long before it’s too late. Schedule far in advance so that you can take advantage of late hour or weekend appointments so you don’t have to fight with work.

Your pet is important to you, which is why improving your care for them is essential – especially if you are typically too busy to do everything that you should. By making small switches and booking reminders for yourself far in advance, you can help your furry baby live the life they deserve.


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