How To Look Your Best When You’re A Livestream Gamer


How To Look Your Best When You’re A Livestream Gamer

Not all that long ago, gaming was something people did for fun. It was a way to relax, perhaps a hobby they enjoyed with friends. It certainly wasn’t a career, unless you actually created the games themselves, of course.

Today things are very different. With the advent of new technology, gaming can now be a sustainable and viable career option, although there is plenty of hard work to be done in order to make enough money to live on, of course. Even if you choose to try your hand at gaming as a second income stream, it can be a great additional payday.

Live streaming is particularly popular. Live streaming is when you sign up to a platform such as Twitch or YouTube and you literally play a game live with an audience watching, commenting and ideally donating. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, read on; there are some important things you need to know, and one of them is how to look your best when you’re livestreaming.

Invest In Your Equipment

If there is one thing you really do need to invest in when you’re a livestream gamer, it’s your equipment. No one is going to enjoy watching you if your game keeps lagging or the sound is off, for example. When you have an underpowered computer, you’ll find that the best games – the ones people want to watch – just can’t play well, and the technology you have won’t cope with the memory-heavy requirements.

This is why, if you’re serious about becoming a livestream gaming expert, you need to spend money on the best equipment. The main piece of equipment is your computer, of course, and you’ll need to ensure it’s a real gaming PC with the right sound cards and graphics cards installed.

On top of this, you’ll also need high-tech controllers, and a great gaming chair. These are not cheap, but with Cybeart discount codes you can get a great chair for less money, and that’s important. You need to be comfortable so you can concentrate on the game.

Invest In Your Appearance

Although those watching you will be mostly interested in the game you’re playing and how you’re playing it, that doesn’t mean you can afford not to think about your appearance.  Remember, you’re making a channel that needs to revolve around you, and you, therefore, need to be memorable and interesting to watch. Part of this will be down to your personality and gaming style, and the rest will be down to your appearance.

You don’t need to go wacky and weird with your style choices (unless you enjoy that, in which case, have fun!), but you do need to be clean and tidy at the very least. Whatever you wear needs to match the tone of your streaming channel, but it also needs to be comfortable, especially if you’re going to be streaming for hours at a time. Don’t forget your hair, and your hands are also important. Remember, your viewers will be able to see your hands as you play, so they need to be looked after.

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