How to Lower Water Heater Cost in Columbus Ohio and Surrounding Areas with Ohio Water Heaters

How to Lower Water Heater Cost in Columbus Ohio

As summer draws to an end, it’s time to think about cold-weather comfort over the next six months. And that means plenty of hot water! This is why budget-minded homeowners are already contacting Ohio Water Heaters, looking for the most budget friendly gas water heater cost in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas.

Smart planning lowers gas water heater cost in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas

Traditional gas tank heaters normally last between eight and twelve years. So if your tank was installed about a decade ago, it’s time to start figuring out the best time for a replacement. Yes, you could wait until something goes wrong. But that could mean dripping water causing expensive damage to your home or – worse still – gas leaks and deadly carbon monoxide buildups.

Either way, your family will pay a high price in terms of lost comfort, especially during the winter months, when hot water is a must. That’s why it’s a great idea to get ahead of the crowds now, saving money through special offers from Ohio Water Heaters that will slash your gas water heater costs in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas.

The choice is yours: tune-ups and repairs with risks, discomfort and rising monthly bills? Or replacement (with off-season benefits and long-term advantages) that will keep your home cleaner, healthier and more comfortable for years to come?

What’s included in gas water heater cost in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas ?

Here’s a brief overview of the many different elements that feed into gas water heater cost in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas:

  • Maintenance includes draining tanks to avoid sedimentation and leaks, cleaning thermocouples and tightening temperature and pressure relief valves, while tankless models require regular flushing to avoid clogging by sediments and mineral buildups.
  • Repairs are usually minor and cost under $200, merely replacing valves and thermocouples when necessary; however, leaking tanks cannot be repaired, with prompt replacement required
  • Purchase prices for water heating tanks vary between $400 and $ 1000, depending on size, while tankless appliances can be up to three times more expensive.
  • Installation fees range from $45 to $150 an hour, with water heater installations generally taking less than half a day.
  • Additional outlays may be needed in order to comply with local building codes for gas water heater installation in Westerville, OH, and surrounding areas, particularly for venting systems, drain pans, supply pipes and water heater mounts.
  • Removal fees of $250 to $500 are usual for taking an old water heater out and disposing of it properly.
  • Running costs vary by family, depending on hot water use and local gas prices. However, modern appliances have an extra layer of foam insulation injected between the outer shell and the water tank that keeps water piping hot for hours on end, with no need to burn more fuel, while new glass liners make tanks less prone to corrosion and leaking.

With gas water heater cost in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas accounting for around 10% of residential energy consumption, it’s well worth while exploring the bottom-line benefits of modern technology. High efficiency models compliant with Energy Star standards save up to 25% of energy costs, with significant savings over lifetimes that now extend well over decade.

Talk to the gas water heater cost experts

Family owned and operated since 1970, the hot water professionals at Ohio Water Heaters will be happy to guide you through this tricky decision. Give them a call at 614.881.5794 for practical advice.


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