How to Make Blackened Beeswax Ornaments

In this tutorial, you will learn different popular methods of how to make blackened beeswax ornaments. There’s something about beeswax I’ve always liked. Growing up with a grandfather who kept bees was probably where it began. Now, whenever I smell beeswax or put honey on my toast I think of my Grandpa Lowell. Beeswax is a classic candle wax making it perfect for country primitive decor. From candles to ornaments to figurines beeswax pieces last for years when properly stored. I have a large cat beeswax figure, purchased 30 years ago. It was poured using an antique candy mold and still looks as good as the day I bought it. While regular beeswax, with its golden color, looks classic colonial, blackened beeswax is more primitive with its grubby exterior.

How to Make Blackened Beeswax Ornaments

While you will find the steps to more easily than you may have imagined, the results will make your finished pieces look like a skilled artisan has made them. Let’s start with the supplies you’ll need. I’ve included links to make it easier to find these items online simply click the linked names or images below.

Beeswax – I got mine from MillCreekHoney on Etsy.


Cooking Spray (mold release)

Wax Thermometer

Melting pot

A large pot/dutch oven

Black and/brown wax colorant (optional)

Fragrance oil (optional)

Cinnamon (I look for mine at the Dollar Store)

Wire, ribbon, or woven cord (hanger)

A small level tool

Look for clean, yellow beeswax for better results. Check Etsy and Amazon for suppliers. Molds like Brown Bag Cookie Molds do well.  For your melting post, you’ll find the melting process easier by getting a candle wax melting pot. They are designed with a pour spout and handle. Plus the one I linked above is just the right size for 1 pound wax blocks.  When choosing which large pot to use make sure there is at least an inch of free space between its sides and the melting pot to create a double boiler. Use fragrance oil and colorant made for wax for the best results.

Prepare Mold

Spray your molds lightly with cooking spray. This will help wax from getting stuck. Put your molds on a level surface (use the level tool to make sure or you’ll get uneven results). If you’re pouring candles or 3d shapes with silicone molds, follow your mold instructions as to the type of mold release needed. Another tutorial I read recommends you put the molds in the fridge for a few minutes, but not the freezer.

Melting Wax

Place the wax in the melting pot and put the pot into your larger pot/dutch oven pour enough water into your larger pot to fill it about halfway. Over low heat allow the wax to melt. Keep watch on the temperature. Beeswax has a low melting point of 144 degrees F to 147 degrees F. If beeswax is heated above 185° F it becomes discolored.  When it begins to melt, add your colorant and fragrance oil if you want those. The colorant will make your wax darker, obviously, than without it. Therefore, you can choose what shade you want your finished wax pieces to look like. It’s not a bad idea to pour out a bit of wax into some glass containers to test color strength until you find which combination you like best.

A note about fragrance oil. You might think the more the better, but that isn’t the case. Too much oil causes the wax to leak out oil and ruin your wax ornaments but also anything touching them. I, personally, leave it out completely and just enjoy the scent of natural beeswax along with the cinnamon we’ll apply at the end.

How to Make Blackened Beeswax Ornaments

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Pouring Wax

When the wax is completely melted, slowly pour it into the mold or molds. Place a hanger on the back top if it’s going to be hung.  Allow hardening completely before removing from the mold.

Getting Grubby

When the wax is solid but still warm, remove it from your mold. Rub powdered cinnamon over the surface of the wax until it’s thoroughly covered. Any leftover cooking spray oil will help it stick even better.

Add to Your Collection

In addition to your own handmade blackened beeswax ornaments, you’ll want to add to your collection with so many beautiful and unique ones for sale on Etsy like those pictured in this tutorial.

How to Make Blackened Beeswax Ornaments

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How to Make Blackened Beeswax Ornaments

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