How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern

How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern

Homes built in the 90s’ often have oak kitchen cabinets. Oak kitchen cabinets can give homes a dated look due to the color of stain and style of the cabinet door. However, replacing them isn’t an option. Oak Cabinets give an aesthetic appeal yet a vintage feel to homes. Oak is made of pure wood that is hard to find in this era. 

However, homeowners can renovate their oak cabinets to modernize them. With a little magic touch, homeowners can change the essence of oak kitchen cabinets to look fresh and new. In this article, we will unravel the best oak cabinet kitchen ideas that will make oak cabinets look modern and aesthetic.

Check the Cabinets’ Condition

Before deciding what to do with oak cabinets, check its condition first. If the damage on oak cabinets is only the dull appearance, damaged texture, or faded color, it is easy to work with. Usually, oak kitchen cabinets do not need much repair as they are the most durable material than other kinds of wood. 

Even after a long period of time, oak wood cabinets are still in good condition. Therefore, homeowners need to give a little bit of magic touch to make it look modern. To change the look of oak cabinets, homeowners might need a new look of hardware, decoration, and paint. With oak kitchen cabinet ideas, it is quick and easy to change the old-fashioned oak cabinets to a modern style.

Oak cabinet kitchen ideas

Oak Cabinets, once renovated, will give an aesthetic yet vintage feel to the homeowner’s kitchen. Therefore, decorate oak kitchen cabinets with the following oak cabinet kitchen ideas:

Paint the kitchen walls

Ancient paint walls with outdated oak cabinets can make the kitchen look old and gray. For instance, if the kitchen walls are painted with powder, pink or yellow, it will make the kitchen look at least 25 years old.

But, when oak cabinets are combined with modern paint walls, they will start looking a lot better. The attractive pain color can downplay the orange tone in the oak cabinets. For instance, oak cabinets look perfect with mindful gray kitchen walls. 

Change the cabinet hardware

Altering hardware in the kitchen can change the oak cabinet’s appearance. Here are some oak kitchen cabinet hardware ideas:

Black hardware

Black is the favorite color of many homeowners as it makes the wood look modern. It can become a centerpiece of the oak cabinets as when someone looks at them, their attention will go to the black pulls or knobs.

Polished nickel hardware

For those kitchens with stainless appliances, polished nickel works best. It will modernize oak cabinets and work well with the appliances.

Accessorize oak cabinets

Accessorizing oak cabinets with treasured objects will give kitchens a modern and aesthetic look, for instance, palace-colored glass vases or decorative plates around the kitchen. Pull the objects that reflect modern styles, such as dish towels, ceramic planters, or small appliances in the kitchen. Also, lightning contributes to the ambiance. Therefore, it includes fixtures to compete with the existing cabinets or overall aesthetic.

Replace the backsplash

Replacing the backsplash in the kitchen is another oak cabinet kitchen idea to give a modern look without removing the oak cabinets. Some might choose a brown-toned backsplash, but it gives a modern look to the kitchen as the tiny rectangular mosaic pattern is becoming outdated. Moreover, the combination of orange-toned oak and brown backsplash worsens the kitchen’s appeal. 

A better idea would be to backsplash subway tiles with contrasting grout. This works perfectly when combined with a neutral-colored countertop. In addition, a subway tile with dark hardware will modernize the kitchen and update oak kitchen cabinets more aesthetically.

Try two-toned oak cabinets

Two-tone cabinets are one of the trending kitchen designs. Consider painting a block of oak cabinets, for instance-based, with contrasting accent colors to add variety and interest to a kitchen that feels overwhelmed with wood surfaces. Or homeowners can make use of a warm white tone that works well with oak cabinets. Homeowners can also add accessories to give it a more magical touch of modern outlook.

Tips on how to clean oak cabinets

After giving oak cabinets a modern makeover, they must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Here are some cleaning tips for oak cabinets:

Wipe the outside of cabinets after cooking

Food particles and grease can accumulate on the oak cabinet surface after cooking. Therefore, dip a clean washcloth into a vinegar solution and clean the cabinet doors underneath them to keep them as fresh as new.

Use an oak countertop cleaner

A good-quality cleanser removes food particles and grease from the surface of the cabinet without leaving any streaks behind. Cleaners are more suitable than simple dish soap solutions. For instance, use Caesarstone Spray Cleaner to clean oak cabinets. It will leave oak cabinets fresh and new.

Dust the cabinets regularly

Regularly dusting oak cabinets will ensure that it is secured from any damage. Use a dry cloth to clean both the exterior and interior oak cabinet surface for mild dust accumulation. The steam and grease produced during cooking will store the dust onto cabinets, making it hard to clean off if it is not done frequently.

Regular cleaning

Spices or other food items are likely to spill in the cabinets sometimes. Therefore, clean out the inside of cabinets regularly to avoid permanent stains and marks. First, wipe the cabinets with a dish soap solution or cleaner. Then, dry the cabinets with a clean towel.

Final words

Giving a new look to oak cabinets will modernize the kitchen and increase the aesthetic appeal of homes. Before renovating oak cabinets, ensure that the surface is perfectly clean and the condition is suitable enough to try ways to make it look modern. 

Also, homeowners should ensure that they have enough budget for renovation so that it won’t be left halfway.

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