How To Make Your Fashion Work For You

How To Make Your Fashion Work For You

The clothing, accessories, and make-up styles you choose to wear are an expression of your personality and how you feel, and one of the best parts about living in the modern world is that now, virtually anything goes.

Sometimes, what you wear is functional and occasionally wholly necessary and mandatory; whereas other times your choice of clothing is much more of a fashion statement than anything else—for example, wearing ludicrously high skyscraper heels to a picnic.

With this in mind, regardless of your age, gender, or personal circumstances, continue reading to learn how to make your fashion work for you.

Trial And Error

Whether you are someone who is somewhat of a dedicated follower of fashion or not, you will no doubt be familiar with the feeling of seeing an item of clothing that you like (either online or in store) and purchasing it, and then feeling excited and looking forward to wearing it. However, after a few days you start to feel as if it simply doesn’t suit you, or you labor under the entirely false illusion that you are too old to wear it.

Fashion is about not being afraid to try new looks and if there was a reason why you liked it in the first place, then you should follow through and trust your instincts. If it ends up that you don’t like it, then you know not to buy the same color or style in the future (and you could always repurpose it as a present)!

Combine Practicality With Style

As a night of wearing the aforementioned heels will attest to, sometimes everyone makes fashion decisions which are much more about appearance over being sensible, and this is fine when the situation calls for it.

However, if there is some reason why, for example, you have been advised to keep the lower parts of your arm covered due to a dermatological reason, choosing thin but long-sleeved tops in the summer is necessary. Another example would be if you have started to struggle to walk in cheaper boots or trainers and are looking for stylish yet more comfortable shoes instead. If you have indeed found yourself in this situation, then check out the range at for supportive indoor slippers and outdoor shoes.

Look To The Internet For Inspiration

If you have felt for some time that the clothing you wear and the accessories you choose to pair your outfits with could do with an overhaul, then a brilliant place to start is the internet.

From social media groups and pages and googling celebrity looks and personal styles, to more dedicated fashion and design apps such as Pinterest and Instagram, you can truly get lost in the proverbial rabbit hole and even discover new fashion inspirations which you absolutely love yet have never even considered before.

Declutter Your Closet

Having decided to overhaul your fashion and overall look, it is impossible to start designing new outfits without getting rid of all of the old clothes and accessories you haven’t even thought about, let alone worn, in years.

As a general rule, if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the last three months, it is time to take that item to the charity shop, making room for your new and fashion-forward clothing. Remember, the bottom line is that if you like it, then that is all that truly matters.

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