How to Make Your Office Feel Like Home for the Holidays

Most businesses close on major holidays, like Christmas. Employees and business owners will be at home, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the holiday cheer. However, what about the time spent in the office before Christmas? Why shouldn’t that be enjoyed too?

With a little extra effort and some imagination, you can make your office feel merry and bright. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or simply wish to enjoy the festive feeling, you can bring the holidays to you with this guide.

1 – Clean It Up

As a little gift for yourself and employees alike, why not have the office spruced up? You can do it yourself, but that is exhausting. Instead, go ahead and stretch the budget a bit to hire an office cleaning company with 15 years of experience. Or you could all do it together as a bonding experience and then treat everyone after with a luscious party! Whatever you decide, cleaning up the space will add extra comfort.

 2 – Decorate

This one seems obvious. If you’re a small business, consider a fun crafting day for decorations. For larger offices, there are tons of stores that sell holiday décor in bulk. String up some tinsel around desks or hang up sparkling lights and balloons in common areas. If you’re going for a Christmas theme, consider a small tree and a few ornaments. For Hanukkah, find a menorah and put it somewhere everyone can see. Kwanza candles are an option, too. Decorations don’t have to be wildly detailed!

3 – Put a Holiday Twist on the Business

If you’ve got a voicemail machine for your business, or some kind of hold music, add a little cheer! You can use popular, royalty-free Christmas songs, or a fun version of the Dreidel song. Or use a mix of them all! If you have signs or posters that hang in the windows, add some festive sayings or images to them. It’s easy to bring the holidays into marketing, too.

 4 – Gifts and Cards

If you’re a business owner, consider getting some small gifts or bonuses for your employees. It’s a great way to show appreciation for everything they do for your business throughout the year. It will also bring up morale and make them happy. Everyone loves to be noticed and feel appreciated for their hard work. You could also do small (or any size) cards with personalized notes so they don’t feel like just another number on the payroll. It takes a little time but it’s worth it!

5 – A Party

A lot of businesses do this now, but a small holiday party for co-workers and employees could go a long way. Have everyone bring a small treat or do a potluck dinner. Be sure to bring something yourself, too! The party could be the perfect place to exchange gifts. It’s also simply a sweet way to bond and let employees relax even in an office environment. Show them that they’re not just employees, they’re like another family.

Give the Gift of Appreciation This Year

Working around the holiday season can be draining, even if you have the actual holidays off. Instead of letting the office drain you, bring the cheer to the office. With small favors, decorations, snacks, and a lot of love, employees will feel more at ease and cheerful during the festive season.

Showing your appreciation for your fellow workers should be a year-round thing, but why not give a little extra love at the end of the year? It goes a long way. Take some time to bring cheer to the office and see what a difference it makes.

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