How to Make Your Small Apartment Appear Bigger

Living in the heart of the city or finding something affordable often means having to settle for a smaller place than you would have imagined yourself in. This is a common occurrence amongst residents living in the city, youngsters who have just graduated and people with lower budgets. Having a small apartment of a smaller space isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it teaches you how to minimalize and accept the good with the bad. If you are looking for ways to improve the visual effects of your home or apartment but you are working with a budget, you can follow the advice given below. How much money you are willing to spend is entirely up to you but the overall concept is free to all who wish to change up their living space and gain the ‘Wow’ factor from visitors.

The Mirror Effect

Mirrors reflect the right kind of light and give the illusion of a bigger space as it reflects open areas enhancing what little space there is. Areas to hang mirrors would be the living area, the dining area if you have one and even smaller bathrooms and bedrooms. The bigger the mirror, the bigger the apartment will appear to be. So how big and how much you are will to spend with determine how big you can make your place look.


Holding on to unnecessary ornaments and trinkets only clutters your apartment, collects dirt and makes your living space a lot smaller than it already is. Throw out any old ornaments, paintings and board games, settle for a life of online living where you can visit rather than playing a game of monopoly. Trade your bookshelf for a floating shelf that can be mounted against the wall. Decorate your walls with paintings rather than having random statues in the apartment.

Sophisticate Your Mojo

Get into a habit of reaching for sophisticated items for the house. White, ivories and beige are clinical colours which makes smaller look bigger and everything in between, well it makes it look classy. So even if you have a small spot in the middle of town, you have a trendy and classy small spot in the centre of town. The lighter you go in colours the bigger your apartment will appear, so while you are feeling great about acquiring a new taste, you are also feeding into the hunger of creating and moulding a bigger home.

Paint the Walls

Paint the walls up to the ceiling to give the impression your roof is higher which is great for false impressions. This immediately makes your home seem bigger than it truly is. Besides, it’s always nice to have a fresh lick of paint on dreary walls to spruce up the place.

Follow these DIY tips for your personal home space and before the week is out you are bound to feel like you are living somewhere else entirely! Your friends are bound to want to know how you did it!

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