How to Open Both Side Door Locks Without Key

We’ve all went through mornings anxiously looking for our keys. And that’s not all, in the USA every year 200,000 lose their keys, and an average person spends hours on finding out the things they have lost. So it is better to use a biometric door lock, as you will use your finger to lock and unlock the door, without any keys. Also, you should know the tricks to open locks without a locksmith because none of us want to be a part of this type of wastage of time or money.

How to open both side door locks

You can use hack based picking skills in a case of emergency or in the situation where you locked yourself up in your home, but you need to go out urgently. So knowing how to pick a lock is the best option to be safe than sorry.

In our houses, we use locks that can be locked from inside or outside. These locks are known as the two ways door locks and believe me, and these are the easiest to pick. You can use several methods to pick them, but the most popular ways for an amateur are using:

  • credit cards
  • butter knives or screwdrivers

Here is the procedure of how you can open your two-way door lock like a professional locksmith using these tools:

Using credit cards

Credit cards are more handy and easy to find the object to make any life hacks, especially picking your locked door. But many people do not even know about this. You can use any hard cards, even gift cards, ID cards to open your door without keys.

Now you might be wondering how a credit card can open an entire locked door for you! But before using any card to open your locked door, ensure that the card has no use, and you do not care about it because the card will be destroyed while opening the door.

With a hard push, drive the card so that it can be skipped in between the padlock bolt and the mainframe of the door. Now forcefully try to bend it back so that the bolt can be separated from the lock hole or twist the card back and forth, or even you can drive the card up and down to keep the bolt back into the entryway of the lock for opening it.

If there’s no room between the bolt and the frame, you’ll be able to constrain it between the entryway and the frame over the bolt, at that point swipe rapidly descending whereas angling the card toward the outline. Typically a thicker or harder card may come in helpful.

Using screwdriver

This strategy works on entryways with “security handles,” which can be locked by pushing a button in the handle of the lock. In case you’re mistakenly locked you up on the other side, the first thing you have to find out is a little gap on the doorknob that is used to open the lock by keys.

Push an eyeglasses screwdriver and a paper clip pounded level, or even a little butter knife into this gap. But make sure they all fit in the hole of the keyhole. Thrust it straight through as distant as you can, and turn or bend or even rock it until it catches a pin in the keyhole and the bolt clicks open.

Final Words

You can even use the professional lock picking tools to open your locked doors without keys. Still, this method is quite complicated and instead need to have the assistance of a professional lock picker or locksmith. Keep trying and learn more to become an expert lock picker.


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