How to Optimize and Maximize Space of Your Small Airbnb


How to Optimize and Maximize Space of Your Small Airbnb

To get a high rating on real estate rental sites, you need to create the most comfortable, positive atmosphere for guests. Interior design plays an important role in this. If you are the owner of a small apartment, you will need tips on how to visually expand the room and make it more light and airy. Let’s talk about it.

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Design ideas to visually enlarge the space

The request for visual expansion of a small home is very popular, so designers are constantly inventing more and more new ways to accomplish this task. These tips can be adapted to current interior trends, so they are pretty versatile.

The main rules for the design of small rooms include:

  • Say yes to light warm tones. The delicate beige, powdery, peach shade is perfect for walls and floors. It is better if the wallpaper is plain or with a laconic, soft print. If the pastel interior seems too boring for you, add some bright accents: bed linen, curtains, or another piece of furniture.
  • Pick the right lighting. It should be warm, but not too dim, as close as possible to natural sunlight. Too cold or dull color “compresses” the room and makes the overall atmosphere unsettling and uncomfortable.
  • Choose vertical furniture. A tall narrow pencil case will look better in a small room than a massive chest of drawers. If possible, use transparent materials (glass, plastic); this will make the space less cluttered.
  • If there are textiles in the interior, use thin, light fabrics. Natural linen, satin, and guipure are perfect.
  • Add natural materials to the interior (stone, raw wood, etc.). This will add coziness to the space and support the fashion trend for eco-friendly materials. A good solution would be a floor mat with grass imitation.
  • Modular folding furniture is the key to saving space. For example, a modular sofa can easily turn into several chairs and a bed into a compact chair.
  • Remember minimalism. A few cute trinkets can make a room cozy, but too many details can make a room look cluttered.
  • Put large mirrors without frames in the apartment. They will create the effect of additional space. But do not place mirrors opposite each other: this can create a tunnel effect, which looks rather unsettling and uncomfortable.
  • Use transparent or non-monolithic partitions for space zoning. This will allow you to separate your work area or bed without wasting space. 
  • Use wallpaper with landscapes in pastel colors or with the effect of a receding perspective. Thanks to high-quality photo wallpapers, you can easily “find yourself” on the top of the mountains, in the forest, or in a cozy town somewhere in Cyprus.

You can also add something of your own: for example, if you want to furnish an apartment in an oriental style, sliding doors and bamboo floor mats are a great choice. For the Scandinavian style – a carpet made of natural materials and wicker chairs. For the loft style – decorative 3D wallpaper with imitation of brickwork, etc.

And one more important rule: create a positive impression right from the door. Before guests go to their rooms, they will see the entrance hall, corridors, and common space. Don’t forget to think about the design of these rooms as carefully as the design of the rooms.

How to optimize and make the most of your space

In addition to visual perception, it is important to pay attention to the functionality of your space. It is important to fit in a small room or apartment everything you need to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips for optimizing space in a small apartment:

  • Make every item as useful and compact as possible. Folding bed? Wonderful! Modular furniture that can be transformed according to customer needs? Perfect! Today there are many interesting devices for creating coziness and comfort in a small space – use them!
  • Keep the room clean and tidy. Sloppiness looks bad in any space, but in a small room, it can be a disaster. Therefore, adhere to the principles of minimalism and carefully clean the apartment after each guest. Airbnb recommends a 5-step cleaning process to ensure you get the level of cleanliness you need.
  • Use every inch of space efficiently and leave only the essentials. The excess decor will overload the room. Ask yourself: what benefit does this piece of interior bring? And if there is no benefit, remove it away.
  • Consider the needs of your audience. If your main clients are students or outsourced workers, take care of the organization of the workplace. If families with children usually come to you, it is better to put a bunk bed in the room and choose durable materials.
  • Leave free space in the room. It should be easy to move around the room, so try to make the most of all the hidden space: the place under the bed, in the corners, in the niches. A good option would be built-in furniture.

Another important point is the intuitive functionality of your home. Imagine yourself in the place of people who will be in your house for the first time. What questions might they have? Is everything you need directly accessible? After all, if it takes half an hour to find an iron or towels, can it be called an effective pastime?

Yes, this factor cannot be singled out as a separate item in your ad, but it greatly affects the overall impression of the travel destination. And if everything is convenient, the guest will leave you a positive review. And, therefore, your rating as a host will constantly grow.

Even if you are a property owner with a small area, a well-thought-out design will make your home a cozy nest that you want to come back to again and again. Good luck growing your rental business!


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