How to Optimize Storage Space in the Bathroom

The possibility of more storage space in the bathroom is exciting for many of us. We want more items fit into our homes, but also want them tucked away to avoid cluttering. Therefore, accommodating our belongings by utilizing storage ideas is the way forward. Can we achieve this idea in the bathroom? Let’s explore here:

Why Do We Need More Storage?

Our bathrooms serve their purpose well. They are our go-to for plenty of reasons. Aside from the obvious, they welcome us for a good, long soak after a hard day’s work; readying ourselves for the day ahead; or a quick hideaway for freshening up.

We might look at gaining more storage solutions due to various reasons. These could include:

  • Growing family size
  • Storing products safely away such cleaning products
  • Decluttering rooms
  • Organizing items

Making More Room in the Bathroom

With all the activity revolving around this integral room in the home, there are clever ways of creating extra room for storage, regardless of room size! Here’s how to make more room in the bathroom:

Vanity Units

Fitted vanity units are a great way of generating extra storage space in bathrooms. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from pedestal to wall-hung units. Vanity units make a great addition because they suit smaller spaces, therefore covering less area. They hide and tuck items away neatly with their internal shelving, encouraging the bathroom to appear less cluttered.

Vertical Solutions

One of the best methods of utilizing the space you have is by thinking vertically. Purchasing tiered racks rather than horizontal solutions will help you use less floor area and increase your overall storage space. They are also easy to assemble. Many vertical shelving units are either flat-packed or comprise of small wicker baskets with an added metal frame.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves with hooks are perfect for maximizing storage space. They are easy to mount onto walls and compact in size while offering enough space to home bathroom essentials. Not only this but the hooks attached beneath the shelf give room for extra bathroom accessories. For instance, towels and clothes can be hung conveniently. Many shelves have the option of tiers, adding to the storage capacity.

Storage Baskets

Baskets are excellent for storage space. They are inexpensive, versatile, and robust. Baskets can be placed inside vanity units, on top of worktops and shelves, on the windowsill, on top of the toilet, or under the sink. Anywhere where you can find space, baskets are the perfect storage accessory for your bathroom.

Shower Caddies

These handy accessories for your bathroom prove to be a worthwhile investment for making optimum use of available space. They can be easily fitted into your bathroom space or attached to your bathroom wall or door. Placing your shower gels, shampoos and soaps in a shower caddy saves on space and keeps your toiletries all in one place.

Storage Stool and Benches

Another smart way of creating more space in the bathroom is by using storage stools and benches. Stools can incorporate an extra area to place items into whilst serving as a seating or standing tool. The same applies to benches. They, too, can be a nifty seating accessory with an opening for interior storage.

The Takeaway

Bathrooms can be well-designed to suit your lifestyle, and where more storage space is necessary, there are a number of items that can meet your needs. From vanity units to baskets and storage seats, there are many options for creating more space without you having to knock down walls. Now that’s what we call perfect storage solutions.

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