How To Organise A Summer Camp For Kids?

Summer is the time of the year for parents to let their kids taste the different outdoor and indoor activities. The camp helps in building a better future for kids as they learn many life skills.

How You Can Organize Summer Camp

1. Choose The Correct Age Group

Choosing your genre and the right age group is very important. If you are a dance teacher, a sports coach, or a photography expert you will organize a camp based on your specialty. If not, then you will have to choose any one interest area like art, pottery, calligraphy, etc. You should decide the age group you want to target. Narrow it down on the club according to the ages so that you can give the best experience to the campers.

2. Plan a Structure

Lay down a structure for a duration. Divide them into two monthly camps or 8 weekly summer camps. 8 different weekly summer camps have advantages as more kids enroll and parents can choose the convenient weeks.

3. Fair Price

Set a fair price based on the expenses that you will do like-rent of the space, purchasing equipment, food, etc. Evaluate price according to the budget. Like

Overall cost /no. of campers = one camper’s cost.

Once you get the cost, the pricing of one Camper will be 10% plus the cost of one Camper. That 10% is your profit. overall cost = space rent + equipment + food + drinks + staff.

4. Getting a Licence

Before getting a license, make sure that it is needed. Don’t go hiking, horse riding, archery, swimming, etc. Then you can go without a license. If you have decided to get a license then contact the Department of Health and meet the summer camp Inspector. You will also need a medical advisor for the camp.

5. Staffing

In your 1st year, you can ask your friends to help you and the people you are comfortable with for solving problems during and after camp or consult professionals Like Ekata Training Center provides mindful and physical activities for their kids summer camps in Santa Clarita / Valencia California.

6. Begin Early By Pre Booking

Once a structure is created with the schedule then start by taking pre-booking as early as possible. There are many ways to take pre-bookings, use PayPal and ask the parents for a money transfer. Summer camps are a breeze. Get your own website and your website visitors can be turned into your customers and via Email take prepayments.

7. Advertisement

Once you know what the camp is about coma where and when it is, create a brochure to get the word out. Parents Scan the brochure for four facts – age of kids, kind of camp, location, and its cost. These things should be prominent on your brochure and easy to find.

8. Inform Parents Nearby

Start by creating a database of nearby parents. Right to them to inform you about your summer camp. Use Mailchimp for sending bulk emails, add the parents to your database. Automatically emails will be sent to them as they are added. Use social media to promote your camp. Learn how to market it on Facebook:  summer camp facebook marketing.

9. Be Creative

Create a schedule for the day after figuring out the activities. Include a few fun activities for the kids. Like-painting, swimming, storytelling sessions, etc so that it’s fun for the kids or have some coloring sheets or any other quiet activity setup. It gives a break time as well.

10. Token Of Appreciation

Once the camp is successful and the kids have attended and completed their activities then give them a certificate as a token of appreciation. Organize competitions and give them gifts. Every small contribution is appreciated. Arrange for all the campers to perform on the final day. Invite the parents and community on the last day.


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