How To Organize Your Studio Apartment In 6 Simple Steps

How To Organize Your Studio Apartment In 6 Simple Steps

Living in a studio apartment comes with its respective pros and cons. Because you’re in a smaller space, this means your utilities will be lesser. The maintenance of your studio apartment will be relatively more manageable as well. But, it presents itself with its own set of challenges too. This begins with having your bedroom, dining area, kitchen, and living room all in one space.

Without careful planning and organization, your studio apartment is going to feel cramped and messy. Then, while you’ll want to save on space, this doesn’t mean skipping on the décor and other home elements. Otherwise, your studio apartment won’t be cozy and welcoming at all. So, there’s a lot to think about and do to ace your studio apartment organization.

If you’re unsure how to organize your studio apartment, here are six simple steps for the best apartment storage ideas to guide you.

1. Go With An Ottoman Bed

Without a doubt, one of the biggest space eaters in your studio apartment is going to be your bed. Typically, you’ll want to have a single bed. But, if you like to have more space to move around when you sleep, then you’ll be on the hunt for a bigger bed. If the latter holds true, go for it. You shouldn’t have to feel so constrained only to a single bed, just to save on space.

The good news for you is that there are now beds—known as ottoman beds—top space savers. The bottom part of the bed can easily double as storage space. You can utilize that space below to store seasonal clothing, décor, and other items.

If you can’t find an ottoman bed in your area, you can still make use of your bed’s under-part with under-the-bed storage. These are thin plastic drawers or storage containers that fit under your bed so that you can double that area as added storage.

2. Install A Glass Partition

Another way to have some order in your studio apartment is to have partitions. At least have one that covers and separates or compartmentalizes your bedroom from the other areas in your studio apartment. That way, whatever visual clutter you may have in your bed can’t easily be visible, should you have friends who’ll suddenly come over.

Having partitions in your studio can also keep it cozy and more put-together. That way, you can avoid having too many things going on at once in a particular area.

3. Use Whatever Vertical Space You Have

You’ve already completed utilizing under the bed storage in the first step. Once that’s done, it’s time for you to go up—literally. This means using as much vertical space as you can have in your studio apartment.

If you’re willing to put your hands to work, there are many wall shelves you can easily DIY. With those shelves, you can store more of your belongings. If you’re using open wall shelves, then baskets and storage containers are going to be your best friend. If you’d rather opt for closed shelves, then that’s even better—so you can conceal even more clutter.

How To Organize Your Studio Apartment In 6 Simple Steps

4. Use Drawer Dividers

Particularly for your kitchen, it may already come with many drawers. But, without compartments, it’s easy for your drawer to become a dumping place of all sorts of things. You can easily remedy this by using drawer dividers or organizers.

This allows you to categorize your drawer, so every item category has its own space. You can save yourself the trouble of sifting through a whole pile of items in your drawer and all messed up.

5. Hang Up Command Hooks And Caddies

In your bathroom and dressing area, command hooks and caddies are going to be your best friend. Without having to drill holes in your walls, you can stick and hang those caddies on your walls. This enables you to have more storage space for all sorts of small items, from accessories to toiletries and whatnot.

6. Use The Space Behind The Door

If you think you got yourself covered now with organization, just wait; there’s more. You might have missed out on using your door’s back part to your advantage. Think of all the doors you have in your studio apartment, from the smallest cabinet doors and even to your main door.

You can use that back part of your door for added storage space. You can use it to hang shoes, clothes, or whatever it is your behind-the-door organizer can accommodate.


You are now ready to improve your studio apartment organization with the steps above. It may be tricky, but it’s doable. You only need to get crafty with your storage ideas and strategies. Otherwise, if all of your clutter is left in one corner of your room, your space can instantly feel like it’s a total mess. As the new year opens, it’s time to include having a more organized space as one of your resolutions. Take it one step at a time above, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with all the organization you’ll now have to do.

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