How to Pair Modern Appliances with Rustic Living

Rustic living is both a design choice and a way of living. At its core, it simply means appreciating the rustic elements of wood, stone, and even metal. It is a truly timeless design that looks exceptional both in rural settings and in a downtown high rise.

We humans are intrinsically connected to nature, to the point there depriving ourselves of nature spaces hurts our mental health and wellbeing. Rustic design is the perfect way to bring natural elements into the home, but that doesn’t mean you need to omit modern conveniences or deal with eye sores in your home. Just follow this guide, and you will be pairing modern appliances with your rustic design like a pro.

Frame Modern Appliances with Rustic Décor

This can be done in a variety of ways. You could have a custom container or frame around your new modern feature to help it disappear in your home. For example, a simple wooden cover that fits over a toaster oven can hide more of the appliance’s clashing elements. Make it yourself, stain it to match your décor, and you can blend these countertop appliances into your home.

Integrate Modern Systems into Your Home

Central heating and cooling are the best ways to hands down to enjoy modern amenities with a seamlessly modern look. HVAC units work to heat the home, cool the home, and of course even filter out the air so that your property stays fresh. When installed, hot or cold air will enter the room through vents in the ceiling or on the floor. These vents can be a beautiful metal, or even a custom wood option that works flawlessly with your hardwood floors.

When choosing a company to install such an HVAC unit, make sure that they can also provide repair and maintenance services. The best HVAC repair Atlanta service, for example, would be from the company that installed it in the first place. They will know the project, the system, and what to look for when repairing your unit.

How to Pair Modern Appliances with Rustic Living

Choose Natural Neutrals for Appliances

When it comes to integrating modern appliances perfectly with rustic living, simply choose items based on their shell material. Metals are the perfect combination to go with woods and stone and are also a very popular finish.

Fridges, toaster ovens, and blenders are just a few of the appliances that often come in metal finishes. Choose from silver all the way to blacks or reds. It is the material itself that makes the most significant difference, so you can actually have fun with splashes of color in your rustic home and not have it clash with your décor.

Hide Appliances

Dishwashers can be hidden behind cupboard doors. The same even applies to your fridge and freezer. You will need to upgrade these features to hide these appliances from the start, but when it comes to erasing modern appliances and keeping a rustic look front and center it is the best method available.

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