How to Pick the Best Type of Plantation Shutters

There are a lot of reasons you might want to start with plantation shutters when looking to revamp your room. Whether you love the usefulness, functionality, or visual appeal, plantation shutters can be a fantastic add-on to the quality and look of your home. Moreover, plantation shutters are a remarkable versatile choice that can work well in any room.

There are a couple of plantation shutters available, and you might be considering the ways to choose the right option for you and your home. Plantation shutters come in three types of materials, and here is a breakdown of each material to help you determine the type of plantation shutter best for your home. In addition, we’ll also look at the benefits of plantation shutters.

Types of Plantation Shutters

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl plantation shutters are the least expensive and the most basic of the plantation shutters available on the market. Though these are low-end products, they are very affordable. The vinyl plantation shutters are composed of aluminum or PVC, which makes them stable. Moreover, they can stand up to Australian weather and are majorly used in areas that have high moisture content. However, this type of plantation shutter may have a couple of structural issues. That said, vinyl plantation shutters can also be subdivided into four, and they include:

Hollow vinyl: This type of vinyl shutter looks like hollow frames. The stutters are very cheap, but they have size limitations due to the hollow frame that cannot support bigger frames’ weight. Moreover, plantation stutter can sag over time.

Structured hollow vinyl: This stutter is an alteration of hollow vinyl. And they help lessen sagging as the result of a vinyl skeleton that comes inside the shutters, which improve the weight of the shutter. Also, the structured hollow vinyl has better structural composure.

Solid vinyl: These are vinyl frames that are instilled with blown PVC. These vinyl shutters are better options than structured or hollow vinyl shutters. Besides, they are also an effective and cheap option.

Vinyl-clad wood: with this type of vinyl stutter, a hardwood frame is enclosed in the vinyl shutters. With that, the stutter has better durability and strength, and they are also moisture resistant. The stutter is also the best option compared to other vinyl plantation shutters.

Composite Plantation Shutters

These types of plantation shutters are sometimes called faux wood, fake wood, or engineered wood. To construct the plantation shutter, the engineered wood is MDF enclosed in a PVC or vinyl coating. The composite plantation shutters are very strong, while also being humidity and weather resistant. They are also an inexpensive alternative to wood plantation shutters.

Wood Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a timeless look for your house, consider the wood plantation shutter. Wood plantation shutters are lightweight and very strong. Unlike composite and vinyl that are assembled into styles, wood can be sharpened into custom sizes and shapes, and also stained and painted.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can add an incredible style to your house, but they also offer remarkable benefits that are way beyond design and styles. Some of the main benefits of plantation shutters include:


Quality plantation shutters are made from enduring and durable materials, which makes plantation shutters a great investment for your home. The shutter won’t deteriorate or warp, so you don’t need to replace them any time soon.


The design of plantation shutters has, over the decades, evolved. The shutters blinds are still some of the most appealing and elegant windows treatments available. They have an eternal appeal that is not going out of fashion any time soon. Due to the plantation shutter’s universal appeal, they look incredible with almost any decoration and will improve any interior space.


One of the most impressive benefits of plantation shutters is insulative abilities. This blind allows you to adjust the light that enters your house in a way that roller and curtains can’t. Irrespective of the type of plantation shutter you choose, the plantation shutter with the least insulative quality can still offer some degree of insulation attribute.

However, aluminum and PVC offer more insulation quality than wood plantation shutters. Both PVC and aluminum shutters are made to trap heat and sunlight dead in their tracks, leaving your interior space temperature untouched.


Plantation shutters are extremely customizable from the style to the color and treatment of the material. The highly customizable quality of plantation shutter is one of the reasons why it is such a big trend.


Most of the top-quality shutter blinds Brisbane are made from non-toxic materials. So, you can feel good about purchasing a plantation shutter because they are safe for you and your family.

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