How To Prepare Your Home Before A Professional Painting Project?

You are fortunate that you have found a professional painter to get the job done without much of a hassle. No headache, no worries! But this doesn’t mean you can relax all the while. Remember that it is your home, and you have to take care of certain things and belongings.

So, here are a few tips for doing home prep before a painting contractor starts his job.

Protect your furniture by moving and covering it properly

Large furniture items and in-built wardrobes cannot be shifted to other rooms when the painting is done. So, we suggest you cover it up properly using old sheets and clothes. In this way, your furniture will not be subject to stains and scratches during the painting work.

Similarly, small furniture items such as nightstands, side tables, and coffee tables can be easily moved to other rooms. In this way, the painting company staff can move around the house with ease and do their job efficiently.

Vacate the home

If you have kids and pets at home, then it would be a massive problem for the staff to carry on their work. Make sure you arrange for their stay at a friend’s or relative’s place till the painting work is completed. If not possible, ensure that they are not near the work area. Vacating the space will be a better idea if you or any of your family members suffer from a breathing problem.

Remove all curtains, furnishings, and other décor pieces

Apart from furniture, your house consists of all the furnishings and décor items that are valuable for you. You could be having souvenirs or gifts from your loved ones. All these items need to be taken care of. We strongly suggest you remove all curtains, pillow covers, pieces of décor, wall hangings before the painting job and store them in containers.

It is always better to be secure than to say sorry to yourself or your loved ones. Even though these things are materialistic, they have emotions attached to them.

Get the room cleaned

You do not want the dust, dirt, and grime to blow and settle on the wall surfaces while applying paint. Right? So, deep clean your entire house by vacuuming and mopping before the actual painting work starts. Some homeowners neglect this step and end up having uneven painted walls and surfaces.

Discuss with your painting contractor beforehand

A professional painting company will communicate their requirements about home prep in advance. It would help if you are open to a discussion with the painters in Christchurch before hiring one.

So, get ready for the house painting project with the help of the above tips and give your house the desired makeover!

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