How to Prepare Your Home for BnB Guests

How to Prepare Your Home for BnB Guests

Are you listing your home as a BnB? If so, that’s really exciting. Listing your home for guests can be a great way to make use out of a spare room, meet a ton of interesting people and make some extra money on the side. However, getting your home ready for guests can be a daunting process. As such, see below some of our top tips to prepare your home for BnB guests.

Make Everything Clean and Tidy

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people welcome in guests without properly tidying their homes. Imagine if you went to stay somewhere and walked into a dust-filled musty room; it’s not the nicest image, is it? Ensure you have a deep clean of everything in the room you’re renting, including blinds, walls, light fixtures, floors, and baseboards. Also, make sure you have taken out the trash, dusted doorknobs, remotes, and light switches, and sanitized all the surfaces. A clean room is one of the major contributing factors to getting a good review.

Upgrade Your Facilities

One of the most important things when renting out a room as a BnB is making sure your guests and comfortable. You should make sure your facilities are doing that, such as having soap and shower gel at the ready and fresh bedding every day. You should also take into account the area you live in when considering these facilities. For example, if you live somewhere with quite a harsh climate, you might want to consider buying a PTAC Unit. These are effective as they can alter the heat in a specific room without affecting the rest of the house, so if you live in a specifically hot or cold area that some guests may not be used to, they can change the temperature to one more of their liking. For more information on PTAC Units, you should have a look at

Remove Personal Items

Personal items are items that have a large sentimental or monetary value to you. This step is not asking you only to have white walls and nothing else greeting your guests. Anything like bills, family heirlooms, and jewelry should be removed. It would be best if you tried to find a good storage spot for them either somewhere in the house or by renting out a storage unit.

Update the Locks

Keeping your guests comfortable and entertained is one thing, but keeping them safe should take precedent above everything else. As such, you should make sure your locks are updated so that it’s as difficult as possible for people to break in. You may also want to consider keyless entry as this will mean you don’t need to be providing keys to your guests all the time. There are many digital locks available now that let you create personalized codes for guests, which is a much more straightforward way of keeping them safe. You also don’t have to worry about the possibility of lost keys, and it makes checking out and checking in a lot simpler too.

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