How to Promote YouTube Channel and Get More YouTube Views on Your Video

How to Promote YouTube Channel and Get More YouTube views on Your Video

Do you have your own YouTube channel, but you don’t know how to make it popular? Do you want your videos to be at the top of trends? Then you simply must read this article. Below we’ll look at a few simple methods that will help increase the number of views on your videos, and we’ll deal with the smallest details and nuances that affect the number of viewers.

How does the number of views affect channel development?

YouTube’s algorithms are designed in such a way that the speed of channel promotion directly depends on the number of views of your videos. Each video has its own duration – this parameter shows the amount of time the viewer spends on the channel while watching the content.

In order to determine the position the video will occupy in the general list, video hosting mechanisms analyze the following indicators:

  1. The number of views on the video.
  2. The total time spent by users to watch the video.

If both of these indicators will be kept at a high level, your video is guaranteed to be at the top of extradition. It’s for this reason that the question of increasing the number of subscribers arises for many channel owners on YouTube.

In some cases, it makes sense to buy YouTube views to give your video a boost. This method is used when they want to quickly launch video views and quickly increase the number of views.

What do you need for this?

Undoubtedly, the main indicator of a good YouTube channel is high-quality and relevant content. However, even with this condition, sooner or later the channel will stop developing because the videos simply will not become popular. In order for the work to get to the trends faster, you can use a number of effective techniques. It is about them we will talk about below.

Work on the content

As mentioned above, good content is the key to success on YouTube. Try to make sure that your videos are much better than the others. This point is fundamental. Some users don’t use entirely honest ways to promote their channels, but they usually do not lead to anything good. Therefore, you need to focus on the most important thing – the quality of the content.

The video hosting site YouTube is a lot like its parent company Google. It is almost the same search engine, where users are constantly on the lookout for relevant and quality content. It is for this reason that experts from Google recommend that webmasters make their sites valuable to visitors in the first place. The same principle should be followed by channel owners on YouTube as well. Find out what your potential viewers are worried about and then, through content, help them solve the problem.

Creating playlists and arranging your videos properly

Many people are familiar with this simple and uncomplicated technique, but not everyone uses it. To start, you should create 2-3 thematic playlists, videos that should be united by a single storyline. In this case, the videos in them should be arranged from standard (top) to the most viewed (bottom). Due to the fact that the majority of YouTube users watch videos in order, interest will constantly grow during viewing.

The main advantages of using this method include:

  1. The number of views will grow not only on the most viewed and successful videos but also on less interesting publications.
  2. Viewers will watch all the videos in the playlist.

By using this method, you are guaranteed to increase the user retention time on your channel, which will successfully affect the position in the ranking.

In the process of creating playlists, try to adhere to the following tips:

  1. When shooting a video, which is a direct continuation of the previous publication, it’s better to refuse to use the standard intro and splash screen. The video should start immediately by showing the new material.
  2. At the end of each video, there should be a link to another video of a similar subject matter.

How to increase the number of views, working only with the title and preview?

What is the first thing a viewer pays attention to when getting acquainted with a video? Naturally, the title and preview.

If you decide to use this method to promote your videos, then try to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Take seriously the choice of the main picture. It should not only make the viewer start watching the video, but also give him a general idea about the topic of the video. The image should correspond to the content. Otherwise, the user may think he was deceived.
  2. Preview and title should match each other. The title and the image should be clearly linked in youtube channel list. The title should intrigue the viewer and show the main theme of the video. The same picture is a complement to the title and shows a certain detail that will be disclosed only in the process of viewing. The user is interested in the details, and he proceeds to watch.
  3. See how the preview and title look on different devices: computer, phone, tablet. Sometimes it happens that when viewing from a smartphone, the title seems too long, and the preview seems smeared and incomprehensible. On the computer, the same title can fit perfectly on one line, and the picture looks colorful and clear. It is important to find the “golden mean” on all devices.
  4. Evaluate the results. You can check the usefulness and effectiveness of specific headlines and previews on YouTube Analytics.

Even if your videos attract users with an exceptionally well-designed presentation, the channel will quickly begin to move up and gain new subscribers.

Interact with other authors

There’s no need to try to arrange conflicts with other authors just because you have similar audiences. Experts recommend thinking of a cooperation option that would be beneficial to both you and the other blogger. You need to remember that the main goal of content marketing on YouTube is to provide useful information to viewers and expand your reach to potential viewers. That being said, the chances of achieving these goals will never diminish with the unexpected appearance of a competitor.

So, how do you increase the number of views on your videos by interacting with another creator? It’s simple enough – create shared content. For example, you can appear in your competitor’s video as a guest. His audience will see you, and some of its representatives will definitely come to your channel and get acquainted with the videos posted on it. For your part, you can promote your joint video, so that the other author will also receive additional traffic. Everyone will stay “in the plus,” and users will enjoy interesting and high-quality content.

The importance of last minutes and end caps

At the end of each video, be sure to offer the viewer a look at the previous works. In addition, the video should be followed by a final splash page that will extend the audio track by 10-20 seconds. You can place links to other publications or your other channels (if any) on the title bar.

If you do not use this method when promoting your videos, the viewer will simply turn off the video after watching it. Links to other works and a splash screen act as a kind of trigger that makes the user turn on another video of the author and stay on the channel longer. They allow you to increase the duration of audience retention and, as a consequence, the popularity of the channel.

Generating headlines with keyword queries in mind

In the process of generating a headline, you should rely on long thematic queries.  They always have a basis – it is from her and needs to be guided. Do you want to make a video on a specific topic? Enter the title into the search box and analyze the queries. After that, you can start generating the actual and intriguing title.

The coordinated work of all methods

All of the above methods work well and will certainly help increase the number of views on your videos. However, if you can coordinate all these techniques, the number of views and subscribers will increase exponentially.

After reading this article, you know how to increase the number of views on YouTube. Above was described as many as 5 ways to promote videos on the platform. Follow these instructions and you won’t notice how your videos will start to hit the first lines of trends.

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