How to Reduce Your Moving Cost?

Moving surely is very exciting but it surely can be equally painful. Especially, if you are making your move for the first time you might be quite overwhelmed with all the expenses it is going to incur you. But moving does not have to be a pricey endeavor. Using a few simple tricks and tips you can make it much cheaper. Here, we are going to discuss a few tips which will assist you in making your move cheaper.

reduce your moving costs

Take the help of these expert hacks and tips and reduce your moving expense significantly.

  1. Choose the right time for moving

Be flexible with your moving date. With a flexible date you will be able to reduce your moving cost surprisingly. Avoid moving in the peak season, when all the companies are packed with their schedule. The expenses are bound to maximum during this time. Try you make your move in the shoulder season when the moving crowd is quite low. Also make your move during the middle of the month or middle of the week. People rarely move in mid weeks and thus you will have various moving options available at your disposal. Having multiple moving options will allow you to choose the cheapest option for your move.

  1. Do your research

If you are planning to hire a moving company, make sure you do your research. Get a good idea of the rates and charges of the various companies. You can then compare the costs and amenities and you can choose the one, which will best meet your needs within your budget. You can ask the companies to provide you with moving quotes, so that you can compare them and make your choice.

  1. Have a garage sale

There is a lot of stuff lying around your home that you haven’t used in quite a long time. Gather all these items and conduct a garage sale. This way you will get rid of all the things that you don’t need, thereby reducing your load and subsequently the expense of moving. Movers charge you money by the weight of your goods, so the lighter your moving load, the lesser you have to pay. When you start packing for your move, don’t just throw stuff in the boxes and seal them up. Definitely get rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore. That can include selling unneeded cars you own. It costs money to ship cars or tow them behind a moving truck. You might as well sell the extra ones for extra moving money.  Learn more at

  1. Don’t buy packing supplies

When it comes to packing up your entire household, you’ll find that packing supplies can cost quite a lot.

You can avoid this cost, if you take up the effort to find free moving supplies. There are many ways in which you can find moving boxes and bubble wraps for free.

Go to your nearby retailer shops and grocery shops and ask for spare boxes.

You can find a lot of free boxes from them that you can use to pack up your moving stuff.

You can also find moving supplies from the comfort of your home. Visit sites like Craigslist. The free section of Craigslist might get you some packing supplies.

Also if you know someone who have recently moved, you can ask them for packing boxes, if they have some to spare.

  1. Ship smaller items

You can ship off lighter and smaller items like books and clothes. The mail shipping will cost you only a few bucks and you can effectively reduce some load form your moving goods.

As the moving companies charge by weight, having a few pounds removed from you stuff can save you quite a bit of money.

There you go, some tips and hacks to help you reduce your moving cost. Take the help of these tips and you’ll save quite a few dimes on your moving budget.

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