How to Remove Iguanas from Hard to Reach Places

How to Remove Iguanas from Hard to Reach Places

Iguanas are considered an invasive species in South Florida, with populations often growing out of control. These reptiles are known to damage vegetation which can be devastating to backyards and properties with a lot of plants. Therefore, it’s important to know how to remove iguanas from your property in the safest possible way.

Iguanas are not easy to capture because they are fast and avoid danger whenever they feel threatened. There are some methods you can implement at your property that will allow you to capture them successfully. However, if you find capturing these reptiles to be difficult, iguana removal Miami is able to help solve the pest problem for you. When iguanas roam freely and have a steady supply of food, they can multiply rapidly, causing further damage to plants and other vegetation.

Use their Favorite Foods as Bait

Many homeowners and property managers get frustrated with the pest problem they are having and often decide to try to trap one themselves. Fruits are one of their favorite foods, which can include avocados, mangos, berries, and certain vegetables. Just like trapping any other pest, you can purchase or rent an animal cage trap made of steel to lure the iguana inside. This can be done by placing their favorite foods inside the cage, and since iguanas can smell the scent of fruits from a far distance, they will be drawn into the trap and get captured. This is very effective if you are dealing with an iguana that likes to hide or that is very fast. Many animal cage traps operate using a lever release system that shuts the door closed, thus trapping the iguana inside.

Consider Spray Repellents

Iguana spray repellents are an alternative that can prove to be effective as well, but more likely in the short term. Repellants designed for iguanas have chemicals in them that irritate the iguana’s nostrils and make them uncomfortable that lures them out of hard to reach places. You can use this repellent in any nesting areas or underground burrows that you observe in or around your property. These repellents often use natural ingredients and are not harmful to iguanas and surrounding plants making them safe to use. It’s highly recommended to read the instructions and ingredients imprinted on the spray canister before use, so you know you are using it properly and as intended.

Hire Iguana Removal Specialists

You can set your own trapping methods, but it comes with several risks. You or the iguana can potentially get hurt. Or even worse, you may end up trapping the neighbor’s cat next door that escaped from their backyard. Even if you manage to trap an iguana by yourself, you risk getting bitten or scratched when you try to move the cage; this poses a health risk that can spread diseases. Therefore, if the iguana pest problem you are having is too much to handle, it is best to hire a professional iguana removal company to take care of the headache for you. By letting professional iguana trappers and wildlife experts trap the iguanas, you can be confident that your iguana problem will be handled correctly and in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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