How to Select the Best Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

How to Select the Best Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

Selecting a Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

The best way to select a Rocky Mountaineer rail partner is to decide what you want you to see and do on your railway trip. You can do the Canadian tours or the American tours and see much different things, with different places to see and go to. The luxury of any of the tours will be the same no matter which you choose.

The Best Tour

You must decide which tour is best for you and this is only the tip of the ideas for you. You can do more research to see which is best, but you can rest assured that any rail trip on the Rocky Mountaineer will be a top-notch luxury trip. You will have the time of your life as you discover the Rocky Mountains of Canada and America.

How to Select the Best Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

Canada Rail Vacations

Canada Rail Vacations is one of the top worldwide rail partners of Rocky Mountaineer which offers rail tours across Western Canada. They have tours throughout Canada on at two different trains, the VIA Rail and the Rocky Mountaineer. They have many tours that will please just about anyone that has a desire to discover Canada in a different way. By going by train, you will have a much different perspective on Canada than you can get going by car or plane. You will see things that you do not often get to see by traveling by other methods.

With Canada Rail Vacations, you have a choice of wonderful tours that can be as little as two days, to as long as nineteen days to travel across Canada. There are also Alaskan trips that can last as long as twenty days. There are tours for just about anyone that wants to discover Canada and have fun doing it.

You can explore the Canadian Rockies on railway tours aboard the Rocky Mountaineer riding on routes used for trade in the late 1800’s. These routes go through the Rockies and see the wonderful mountains, rivers, and other magnificent landscapes. On the Rocky Mountaineer, you will only travel through the day, staying in lush hotels during the night giving you the opportunity to see the towns that you stop at.

There are many rail trips that you can take on the Rocky Mountaineer, including the Calgary Stampede Train trip that will take you from Vancouver to Calgary. You can learn more about Calgary here on this website: While on the rail trip, you will travel the first day to the town of Kamloops and you will disembark for the evening staying in a hotel of your choice. The next day you will continue your tour, traveling to Jasper where you will have a choice of two excursions to explore the town.

The excursions are a part of the price that you pay for the ticket, there is no extra cost for them. They are a both great day trips that you will have lots of fun on, you just must pick the one that you want. The best one for you is the one that you want to do the most.

You can either explore Maligne Valley and Medicine Lake, or you can do a tour where you can explore Jasper and its wildlife. You will stay the night in Jasper and then continue on the railway for day four. On day four you will go to Lake Louise and have a lunch to give you a chance to sightsee. You will get another chance to have a choice of excursions on day six where you could either discover Banff, discover grizzly bears, or have a cowboy horseback cookout and lunch or dinner.

You can explore Banff and see what the city has to offer, or you could explore the wildlife and hope that you get to see a grizzly bear – from a distance. Your other choice is to see how the cowboys do it and have a barbecue lunch or dinner. Any of the excursions would be fun for you and your family.

The last day of this train trip will take you will get to see the Calgary Stampede rodeo where you will get up close seats to see all the action. The Calgary Stampede rodeo has been around for many years and is one of the best rodeos in Canada. This trip lasts a total of ten days, and it is packed with fun all the way through it. You will enjoy every minute of the trip showing you parts of Canada that many people have not seen.

How to Select the Best Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

Rocky Train Vacations

With Rocky Train Vacations, you can discover the American southwest by railway on board the Rocky Mountaineer train. You can choose many tours from a two-day tour to a nine-day tour across the American Rocky Mountains. Any rail trip that you will choose will give you the vacation of a lifetime as you tour the through the mountains on a magnificent train.

One trip that you can take on the railway is a two-day trip that starts in Denver, Colorado. You will travel through the mountains and canyons along the Colorado river until you reach Glenwood Springs. You will stop there for the night where you can have a chance to discover the springs that the town gets it name from. The next day you will leave Glenwood Springs you will travel on to Moab, Utah travelling through more canyons such as Ruby Canyon and Mount Logan.

You can also take a rail trip that can take as long as nine days, that will start in Denver and end up in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can learn more about Las Vegas and the activities you can do while there at this website:  You will again be on the Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train with huge windows that allow you to take in all the sites. This train has just about any amenity that you could ask for on a luxurious train ride.

The first day you will arrive in Denver and explore the city and discover all that you can about the city. Day two will also be spent in Denver, and you will depart from there on day three, heading to Glenwood Springs where you will spend the night.

Day four will have you headed towards Moab where you will spend the night. These railway tours will on happen during the daytime so that you do not miss any of the wonderful sites that you can see. After Moab, you will head to Bryce Canyon for a sightseeing trip through the canyon. You will stay overnight there and then head through the Zion National Park on the way to Las Vegas. The next day is a day to explore Las Vegas after spending the night there.

Any trip that you choose to take will be an exciting adventure that you will not soon forget.

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