How to Set Yourself Fitness Goals


How to Set Yourself Fitness Goals

One of the best ways to stay motivated when working out is to set yourself fitness goals. This way, you can take one step at a time and monitor your progress. However, knowing where to get started can be challenging. You won’t be able to go from having zero experience to running an entire marathon in one week.

Below we are going to be providing some advice on how you can set yourself different fitness goals without giving up. Want to learn more? Then let’s get started!

Establish your long-term goal

Everyone has one main long-term goal for their fitness journey, and this is what you need to think about first. It could be that you want to gain more strength, improve your flexibility or simply lose weight. By establishing what you want, you can then move forward and start planning an effective workout.

Break it down into smaller goals

Once you’ve got your long-term goal, you need to break it down into smaller, more achievable areas. These are the goals that you will work towards daily to help you progress to your larger one. Let’s take improving your flexibility as an example. You might start by being able to touch your toes before moving on to the splits. Just make sure that each of them is unique to you.

Pick one and make it measurable

Trying to complete too many goals at once can get confusing and tiring. Instead, aim to work on one at a time. This way, you can physically see your progress without overloading your body. From here, you can then look at ways to achieve it. For example, you might pick a workout plan for biceps and back. However, it’s important to remember that it needs to be measurable. How are you going to physically see your progress?

Be realistic

Engaging in and building a healthier lifestyle takes time. You aren’t going to see any significant changes after just a few days of working out. Remember to be realistic and bear in mind your current fitness state. For example, you’re not going to be able to swim 200m until you’ve mastered 50m and 100m. By setting clear expectations, you’ll be able to achieve your short-term goals easier and stay motivated.

Understand what progress you expect to see

In order to set goals that you are actually going to achieve, you want to get an idea of what your progress will look like. Do some research, read success stories, and speak with friends that may be on a fitness journey of their own. It really will help you stick to your goals.

Write it down

The only way to make your goals a reality is to write them down. Otherwise, they become a passing thought. Keep a fitness journal and document both your long and short-term expectations. This should also be where you document your progress and discuss anything that may not be going as well as you thought. If keeping paper isn’t your style, there are many fitness apps that are just as great. Some even turn your journey into an adventure where you can play games and compete with others.

Know what to avoid

Above, we’ve explained how to set goals but to do that; it’s also helpful to know what to avoid as well. By learning from the mistakes, you can plan everything carefully and have the best possible outcome. Here are a few common ones to watch out for:

  • Setting negative goals: A positive outlook helps you achieve more. Don’t set goals that are shaming your current state.
  • Punishing yourself: Don’t meet something in the expected time frame? That’s ok. Set a new goal and work toward that. Never punish yourself.
  • Aiming for perfection: Nobody is perfect, and before you complete your goal, you may face some failures. As long as you are being consistent and happy with your progress, that’s all that really matters.

Don’t give up

Finally, the last step to follow is to never give up. The experts at Cardio Capital suggest that the most important part of your fitness goals is to stay consistent. While there will be bumps in the road, it’s important to keep pushing forward. If you aren’t enjoying what you do then reassess the strategy, the easiest way to stay consistent is by having fun! Take breaks when you need them, reassess your goals if you feel they aren’t working, and speak to a professional about achieving the results you desire. As long as you remain productive, you will still feel healthier both physically and mentally.

And that’s it! This was advice on how to set your fitness goals. What do you think? Are there any other tips that you would recommend?

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