How To Stay Fit With Your Rowing Machine

How To Stay Fit With Your Rowing Machine

One of the best machines to use at home is a rowing machine, you will be fit in no time if you use it enough. Firstly, if you don’t have a gym inside your house, it’s best to work out exactly where you will keep the machine, perhaps in a conservatory or in the corner of your living room. Once you have found a suitable space, you can order or collect your rowing machine and be on your way to getting fit and feeling great.

Choose a machine right for you

With your very own rowing machine, it will be easier to keep fit due to it being so close by. It’s crucial to research rowing machines before investing, there are a few different brands and options on the market. Find a rowing machine for sale that suits you and fits in the space inside your house. It’s important to think about how you will get the rowing machine into the house if it’s heavy, particularly if you’re ordering online. Make sure the delivery driver can help you or have someone at home to bring it inside. Rowing machines can be quite heavy.

Avoid injuries by perfecting your posture

There is no point using your rowing machine if your posture isn’t correct, it’s worth spending some time correcting your posture if you haven’t used a rowing machine before. One tip is don’t grip the handles too hard, this could cause blisters and will strain your arm muscles, but of course, don’t hold them too lightly or you might let go accidentally! You should also learn to keep your elbows relaxed, it can be tempting to squeeze them, but you should keep them at a natural angle to achieve that smooth rowing motion.

Make sure you push straight back when you’re rowing, make sure you aren’t lifting off the seat, you need to be pushing back not up. For a fast and steady rowing movement, push your body right back and smoothly move forward.

Use the rowing machine consistently

If you use your new rowing machine once a month, is there really going to be any progress? Rowing machines can be expensive and for it to be worth the investment you should aim to use it at least a few times a week, it doesn’t need to be for long. 10-20 minute bursts on the rowing machine can lead to great progress if you’re consistent. Making a fitness plan is probably the best way to get into a proper rowing routine, have breaks in between zoom calls if you’re working from home, or start your day with some rowing before showering.

Whether you’ve already got a rowing machine or you’re about to purchase one, make sure you follow these top tips to keep fit while using the machine. It’s all about posture, consistency and making sure you choose the right machine for you.

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