How to Store Coffee to Keep It Fresh

How to Store Coffee to Keep It Fresh

The one annoying thing about coffee is that it doesn’t last forever. Like all things, there is an expiration date, and sometimes that date catches up to you a lot faster than you would like. It’s not that the coffee is stale, but thanks to oxygen, it loses its ability to remain intact, and over time you might find that sticky mess at the bottom of the tin. Let’s take a look at some storage options that can help keep your coffee fresher for longer:

Less is more

If you enjoy coffee and regularly add lots of bags to your grocery cart, then you might want to slow that down and go for more frequent trips to the store instead. Using the coffee while it is at its freshest is one way to make sure that you do not have coffee standing over in jars or tins for longer than 30 days at a time. Coffee does have a longer lifespan than that, but this will avoid it going soft in the bottom of the tin.


A mason jar could be a good place to store your coffee, provided that you keep the jar in a cupboard if it’s on the counter, out of direct sunlight. An opaque glass jar or ceramic container should be a great fit to keep your coffee in after you open the original packaging. Many coffee companies also use glass for the environmental factor, which is safer than using tin or non-recyclable paper.

Coffee bags

This phenomenon has made many rethink the way they even buy coffee. Having your coffee in a small filter bag where you can place it directly in the cup is the most convenient way to drink coffee. Asda coffee bags review shows how popular coffee bags have become. Each pack contains the exact amount you will need, and if you wanted a more potent brew, you could leave the bag in the cup for longer. You can take them anywhere, so there’s no more decanting of coffee needed.

Store it in a darker place

It’s common for people to store the coffee close to where the kettle or the coffee machine is. It is more convenient when you want to make a cup of coffee just to reach over and take some out of the bag, but this method of storage could be why the coffee goes rancid quickly, even if it is in an airtight container. Heat and moisture react to the granules, and they start to melt in the container.

If you want your coffee to remain as fresh as possible, then keep it in a cool, dry place and a ceramic or glass container. Metal is reactive and can make it melt even faster if it’s in the wrong environment. You can also opt for buying your coffee in brown paper bags. Many environmentally friendly coffee companies now store their coffee in bags from the start, and you can put in a special request to have them ground if you do not wish to grind them yourself. The next time you go out and buy your coffee, choose bags and think of it as a way for you to save two essential things: the environment and your coffee.

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