How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving Homes


Stress free moving may seem like an impossible dream. Especially, if you’re planning on moving homes in the not too distant future. Researchers have found that it’s one of life’s most stressful events. In some cases, it can be more stressful than divorce. It sounds like an exaggeration until you’ve experienced moving house yourself. But the thing to remember is that the event isn’t inherently stressful; that part arises from our lack of preparedness. If we take steps to minimize the stress, then we might just find that packing up and moving to a new house isn’t all that bad. Take our tips below, and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Tips for Stress Free Moving

Plenty of Time

Anything is stressful if it feels like you’re running around trying to get everything done with no time to spare. And when you know that you positively have to be out of your current abode on a set day, and move somewhere else no less, then it’s even more stressful! So don’t leave things to the last minute. Get going early on, even earlier than you imagine, and everything will be much more straightforward. It’s much better to have things packed up a few days early and sit around an empty home, rather than have a last-minute rush.

Work with the Pros

How many times have you moved homes in your life? It’s unlikely to be many times. And as such, you likely don’t really know what you’re doing, if only because it takes time to acquire the skills needed to move fluidly. Don’t leave it too late to think, “I wish I’d searched for a moving company near me.” Hire them early on, and you’ll know that experts will be on their way to help just when everything is getting real. They know what they’re doing, and you don’t, not really – it’s a no-brainer decision. Weather you need local movers or across country movers, they take a lot of the hard work and leaves you to take care of other move related tasks.

Time Off Work

If you’re trying to juggle too many things at once, then you’re only going to make things extra difficult for yourself. It’s next to impossible to perform at work, make sure the kids are well-taken care of, and move house without feeling stress. Something’s got to give. And while you’d happily send the kids off somewhere for a while, it’s more realistic to take some time off work in the week running up to the move. It’ll allow you to focus on the essential tasks at hand.

Get Prepared

Make sure you are taking care of yourself during this stressful time. Eating right and getting plenty of sleep are keys to staying calmer and healthy. Your body needs to be working at tip-top shape to avoid accidents or injuries.

Put together outfits for all the family for moving day that is comfortable and fits the weather. Remember things can become sweaty even in cold weather. So consider layered outfits. This isn’t a day where you flip flops or sandals. Make sure your feet, legs, and arms are protected from injury and the sun.

Keep supplies handy. Create a box or bag of often used tools and supplies such as tape, hammer, screw drivers, snacks, water bottles and first aid kit. These are items you want to be the last to leave your old place and first to unpack at the new house. Mark it well so everyone knows its purpose and that it should be stuffed in the corner of the moving truck where it can’t be reached.

Go With the Flow

Have you noticed how some people seem to handle stress better than others? It’s nothing biological that’s different about them: it’s their attitude. If you adopt a mindset that allows you to go with the flow, then you’ll be able experience stress free moving. Accept that things are going wrong, that you can’t control everything, and that a positive attitude will take you far, and you’ll be on the right track to reducing stress when moving, and, dare we say, even one that might be a little bit enjoyable, too?  


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