How To Throw An Anniversary Party To Renew Your Wedding Vows

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, it’s certainly one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. But, let’s face it, people change and your idea of a perfect wedding day today is probably very different from the one you had.

The good news is that you can recreate your wedding day, the way you want it to be today. In fact, renewing your wedding vows is an increasingly popular option and can be surprisingly beneficial. It’s not just an excuse for a party.

Renewing your wedding vows will bring back some of the stress of organizing your first wedding, but it will also bring back the joy and remind you of why you really got married. It’s a fantastic experience but, you do need to do a little planning.

Start With Your Vows

You may have had a traditional marriage ceremony first time around, but now is a good time to break with tradition and write your own vows. They don’t need to be long, they simply have to reflect on your love for each other, how it’s grown, and how it will continue.

Just think about your partner and what you love about them!

Choose A Venue

It’s best to select a venue that can do the vows and the after-party. But, just as before, this is your affair and your decision, anything is acceptable. You will find that there are many more options available now than in the past, you can get married, or renew your vows nearly anywhere.

Of course, you can choose to have an official leading the ceremony and you may need to show them your marriage certificate to confirm you’re already married.

However, as this is not a legal ceremony, you don’t have to use an official to conduct your ceremony, a friend can do it.

Don’t forget, if you’re doing this as an anniversary party and vow renewal you should aim to do it on the same date that you originally got married.

Choose Your Theme

Your theme should embrace the idea of renewing or rebirth. By the time the ceremony is finished, you’ll feel like you’re ready to start a whole new life, even if most of the elements remain the same.  You should bear this in mind when deciding on the theme for your wedding.

Once decided you’ll be able to look for wedding decor professionals who can help you capture the essence of the moment. There are so many options available you’ll be grateful for the inspiration and guidance of these professionals.

It will also release much of the stress.


You’ll need to provide food and drink for your guests, just as you did the first time around. You can stick to traditional options or you can choose a variety of foods that suit your personal desires.

The food can even be linked to your theme. Don’t be afraid to try something different, weddings are no longer always traditional affairs, you can just book food trucks and fairground rides if you wish.


The venue may offer music, you may have a budding DJ in the family, or you may want to book a live band. Indeed, if you wish you can do all three! Just make sure they’re all playing music you like.

Having the first dance is optional.

Invite people

You can’t renew your valves or have an anniversary party unless you invite people. The invites can be less formal than your original ones but you still need to get them out as early as possible, which will ensure people can make it.

That’s it! You’ve got a venue, food, music, a theme, and some great vows. Now just relax and enjoy the day, you’ll find it much easier than the first time around.

Top Tip: Tell your guests they don’t need to bring gifts, they’re not normally required at a renewal ceremony.

That’s the bottom line, renewing your vows gives you the freedom to throw any type of party you want, take your time considering your options before you do anything.

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