How to Turn Your Attic Into A Perfect Workplace

How to Turn Your Attic Into A Perfect Workplace

Are you contemplating working from home? Perhaps you already do, but you’re sick of sharing the dining room table with the kids’ toys and every meal. Or perhaps you usually work from the office, but either the pandemic is forcing you to work remotely or you prefer it.

Either way, if your home workspace isn’t ideal and you have an attic, why not convert it into the perfect workspace? In this article, we’re going to explain how you can do just that, in some simple steps. And you won’t even need a circular saw or other heavy tools to do it! How good is that?

Get the Right Furniture

The first step is to ensure that you have the right furniture that will enable you to carry out your duties effectively.

This means that you will need an office desk. If you suffer from any back or neck pain you may want to consider an electric standing desk. This desk can go up or down to allow you to work both standing and seated, which is perfect for mixing up your posture so you don’t seize up.

You should also get an ergonomic office chair, so you can remain seated comfortably for a working day.

Finally, if you deal with paperwork or files you’ll want to get a filing cabinet for your office. This means you can store paperwork with ease. If you deal with confidential, financial or other sensitive documentation in your role, consider getting a locked filing cabinet. Even though you trust your family, your employer may require you to store files securely.

Insulate the Space

Now, attics aren’t known for being the warmest of places, or for keeping cool in summer. This is because they are usually used for storage, not living or working in.

You can address this by insulating the walls and roof if they are not already insulated.

You can find insulation batts and rolls at your local hardware store. Then you can mount them using either a nail gun, staple gun, or a strong adhesive.

A properly insulated attic should keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Airflow is Important

You don’t want to work in a stuffy attic with no airflow. If your attic has windows, open them up each morning to let in some fresh air.

If your attic doesn’t already have windows, you could consider installing some. This is a mid-weight DIY job, so if you’re confident here’s a guide.

If you’re not confident to go the DIY route, hire a handyperson or builder to install some windows for you.

Your Internet Connection – Some Tips

Now if you have an attic you probably have a larger house. If your internet router is a long way away from your workspace in the attic you are going to run into some serious connection issues. You can combat this by investing in a wifi extender that will boost the signal from your router. Or, if you want the best speeds, you’ll need to run some ethernet cable from your router to your computer.

A Cozy Conclusion

In this useful article, we’ve detailed a few steps to convert your attic into the perfect workspace. First, get some decent office furniture in there – a desk, chair, and perhaps a filing cabinet. Next, insulate the space so it’s comfortable to work in. Next, you should install windows if there are none. And finally, make sure your connection is up to scratch with a wifi extender or by running cable. With all these steps carried out, your attic should now be a dream workspace.

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