How to Turn Your Images into Amazing Canvas Wall Art Prints: A Complete Guide

How to Turn Your Images into Amazing Canvas Wall Art Prints

Many of us have beautiful images we have no idea what to do with them, and for some of us who want to turn them into canvas wall art prints, we do not know how to go about it yet. Interestingly, this article got you covered! Instead of letting the images stay in a box, turn them into stunning canvas wall art. Keep reading to find out the complete guide of transforming your ideas into magic.

Choose the Right Image

Your canvas print is only meaningful when you select the right image. It should portray a beautiful and memorable moment. If you are unsure of the hat to use, carefully search your gallery or collection. Does the image bring a smile to your face? Then it is the one you have been looking for.

If you are using multiple pictures, place the hard copies on a stainless surface. Arrange how you want to see it on the wall and in the preferred sizes.

How to Turn Your Images into Amazing Canvas Wall Art Prints

Scan the Image

Whether you are using soft or hard copy, scanning images will yield better quality. After scanning, you can go on to turn it into an art piece. More so, make sure you perfectly enlarge the picture, at least a minimum of 600 DPI (dots per inch).

If you do not have good scanning material, many online services deliver high-resolution images. An example is FedEx Kinkos.

Design the Image

Before printing out your image, use the right font and format. You can use the canvas app to add extra designs, but ensure it is not too clumsy. Apart from the canvas app, you can use PowerPoint or Adobe. However, you may need some professional knowledge and skill to create something beautiful. This software has the perfect layouts and allows you to play with colors.

Even if you have a black and white image, you can change it to a colored print and your desired size. Use UV-resistant ink that will promote a historical photo, especially family reunions.

Use External Printing Design

While printing the image, ensure to use thick paper that would not easily tear off. Also, choose monochrome and a simple frame. A simple design will easily complement the printed image. It would help if you had an Inkjet printer for the thick print paper. Hence, you may want to confirm if it is compatible with canvas photo printing with your printer provider.

How to Turn Your Images into Amazing Canvas Wall Art Prints

Other materials you will need to perfect the canvas wall art prints are:

Scissors: You can cut out the extra edges of the printed image if they are rough. However, make sure to cut it once, as stopping in between would create ugly holes.

Heavy-duty staples: Heavy-duty staples are important for attaching the picture to the frame. More so, you can get a reused staple that you can easily replace. It should be less corrosive to prevent early rusting and a dirty brownish color.

UV protective varnish spray: This is quite expensive but suitable to add color to your wall art.

With these materials, you can accomplish a DIY project, which also works for large frames.

Final Thoughts

The steps above also work for old pictures of family and friends. You do not need to throw them away, as you can create something more beautiful. Examples of old images are grandparents’ weddings, childhood pictures, and friends’ memories. If you have a family member that has been in the military, it can also serve as an inspiration. Overall, use images that make you and your loved ones happy and will sit well on your home or office walls.

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