How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

Some companies still find it difficult to see a place on Instagram to promote themselves, perhaps due to their lack of knowledge of its use or because they are not familiar with the possibilities it offers.

But if we take into account that every day 500 million users connect to Instagram and that 80% of them follow companies on their accounts, why not assess the use of this channel to give visibility to the business and differentiate yourself from the competition? With that many potential viewers, it’s no wonder why you may be tempted to look for the best places to buy Instagram followers and how to use these growth services to help your brand reach an even wider audience.

25 million companies use Instagram worldwide, so if you are still wondering if you should too, read on. For tips and tricks on how to make Instagram work for you, check out this guide to Instagram Life Hacks.

What you should keep in mind before you start using Instagram for your business?

As in many other Digital Marketing actions, before starting to publish it is advisable to define a strategy in social networks that helps us connect with the audience we want to reach.

In defining this strategy, these aspects should be taken into account:

What goal do you want to achieve?

Brand recognition, attracting users to the web, reaching a new audience, changing the perception of the brand, increasing the installations of an application, revitalizing online purchases, etc.

What story are you going to tell?

Arguments that represent the brand, the business, and that are easy to tell through visual proposals should be chosen. From that story, pieces of content will be created, which will allow the consistency of the profile designs over time.

Decide and know the audience you want to address.

If you only have socio-demographic data on the audience you are going to address, you are going to fall short. It is advisable to carry out a study of the buyer persona of your business in which the needs, motivations, and real habits of the users to whom the message is addressed are discovered.

How to increase your number of followers naturally on Instagram

It is not worth exposing your account using methods that are not accepted by the platform, for example, continue to be followed and un-follow indiscriminately. If you want to grow your community you just have to take care of your account and follow these tips. You will see that they work even better than you are imagining right now. These are tips to get free Instagram followers on your Instagram account.

  1. Optimize your bio
  2. Post frequently
  3. Post creative and tasteful content
  4. Check the statistics of your publications
  5. Responds and interacts with your users
  6. Take followers from other channels
  7. Run contests
  8. A mix of hashtags.
  9. Invest in promoting your best publications

Grow your Instagram account followers with the Followers Gallery app

Followers Gallery is an app that allows you to get free Instagram likes and followers. Actually, it’s an Instagram followers mod apk. It is easy to use the app.

Just follow 2 steps:

Sign up and log in to the Followers Gallery app

Get followers and likes using this app

It is a safe and secure app that is 100% free it is available for download for android or the App store.

Other Services to Help Grow Your Following

Other services you could consider to help grow your reach on Instagram include hiring a virtual assistant who is experienced in managing Instagram accounts. They help you create and schedule out your account’s content. There are designers who create templates for Instagram graphics you personalize using Canva, a graphic edit app online. Or, you can hire a service, like, that helps you grow your audience.


In this article, I tried my best to give you a complete solution to how you can use Instagram to grow your business and get more traffic from Instagram.

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