How To Use Your Ancestral Connections For Family Immigration To Italy


How To Use Your Ancestral Connections For Family Immigration To Italy

Italy is a great country for immigrants as it embraces people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is ideal for families that want to start afresh because it has a lot to offer. Adults get the best income opportunities, while seniors have access to quality healthcare. Students can study in the finest schools and universities without spending a fortune. The best part is that the country has citizenship by descent route for people with ancestral connections. 

Getting a second passport for yourself means your spouse and children can come along and avail of the same benefits. Moreover, your citizenship rights pass on to the next generations automatically. You can get in touch with the team of to know how citizenship by descent works. Here are some tips to utilize it as a family immigration opportunity. 

Get back to your roots

The first step is getting back to your roots in Italy. You can claim it easily if either or both of your parents are Italian citizens. But even a more distant ascendant can get you in through your ancestral line. The first essential is that they should have been a citizen of Italy after its unification in 1861. The second condition is that they should not have given up citizenship by being naturalized in another country before giving birth to the next person in line. You may not qualify through a female ascendant if she gave birth before 1948. But you can still claim through a court process under the 1948 Rule.

Validate the connection

Claiming citizenship requires you to validate your connections in Italy. You will have to provide some documents for the process, and it seems pretty long. Just a little work can get dual citizenship for your family, so be ready to pursue the paperwork. The bigger challenge is collecting documents from your ancestor’s comune. But collaborating with a local citizenship expert can resolve it. You will also require some other documents for the process. These include your ID proofs and naturalization records of your ancestor. Gathering them is easy, but you have to get them translated and legalized with an apostille stamp. 

Complete the Jure Sanguinis process

The Jure Sanguinis process gets you in through your bloodline and passes on the rights to your children and future generations. The process is easier than you imagine, provided you sort out your paperwork first. You can apply at your local consulate instead of flying to Italy. The only advantage of applying from Italy is that it speeds up the process. If you opt for an application at an Italian consulate nearby, you will have to wait for your appointment. It can take some months or a year if there are long queues for immigration at the consulate. Ensuring that you have complete and accurate documents gives you better chances of approval in the first appointment.

Getting citizenship by descent may take some effort but serves as a gateway for your entire family. You can complete the Jure Sanguinis process fast and seamlessly by seeking guidance from a citizenship expert. 

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