How Will Your Garden Look This Summer?

How Will Your Garden Look This Summer?

Summer might seem like a far cry away, especially with the beast from the East causing as much havoc as it is at the minute. But the weather is meant to get warmer real soon, and that only means one thing, Spring is here. Spring is the perfect time to get your garden ready for Summer. It’s the best time to plant all the flowers, get any renovations done, and make sure that the garden is all around and in the best shape, it can be. So we’ve got some ideas on how we think your garden should look this summer. Have a read on to find out more.

Pick a Garden Look This Summer


A pretty garden isn’t hard to achieve; all you need to make sure you’re doing is creating one that is delicate and full of color. So, to begin with, like all the points we’ll make, you need to make sure the grass is lush and green and cut every two weeks. Then you need to create a nice little area to put some garden furniture. If you’re going to go pretty, some delicate metal furniture looks really 80’s, but really pretty. Companies such as Danetti do some lovely pastel-colored tables and chairs, which would look lovely! Then think of the flower arrangement that you’re going to have. The more colors you introduce, the better your garden is going to look. Start by turning the soil to bring up all the fresh nutrients. You’re better doing this when the weather is a bit warming in a few weeks. Then head down to your local garden store and pick up a few seeds from a range of different plants.


You’re going to need to splash the cash a little if you want to go classy. The first thing you need to think about having is a separate decking area. There’s so much you can do with it. It could be used for tables and chairs, but if you’re going classy, you want to use it as a place for a nice hot tub. You could even turn it into a little shaded area with a hut on top and the hot tub underneath. It gives you the comfort of being protected from the elements, they look really good, and hot tubs are really classy. Again, a nice flower arrangement is essential. To add that little bit of class, line the grass with small lights to create a sort of pathway effect. Around the edge of the decking area, use fairy lights to make things extra magical.


Comfort is all about being warm, cozy, and being able to look up at the beautiful summer night starts. Outdoor sofa furniture is a must. It’s large, offers more cushion, and is often warmer than sitting on wood or metal. If you do want wood furniture, such as some classic Teak Garden Furniture, you can also purchase removable cushions for those, which can be good for if you’re unsure about how to give cushions the proper protection from the outdoor elements. Create a sort of a circle with one sofa and two cushioned chairs. In the middle, you want a log burner to create a lovely, relaxing, crackling sound that’ll keep you warm all night. Overhead you’ll need a large garden brolly (parasol) to protect you from any weather.

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