Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

Ideas for Valentine's Day at Home

Planning something special for your love on Valentine’s Day is the focal point of many people in February. While many people are focused on trying to do things away from home, you can enjoy an amazing night without ever having to leave home.

Staying in is beneficial for several reasons. First, you may not spend as much money as you would if you went out. Second, you can control everything about the evening. Third, you and your partner can enjoy privacy, which is nice if you want to have some deeper conversations.

Wear Something Nice

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up. Get dressed in something nice and have your partner do the same. As the night winds down, you can always put something more comfortable on, but getting dressed up for at least the dinner portion of the night gives you a chance to feel like you’re doing something special even though you aren’t leaving home.

Make or Order Dinner

You can have a nice dinner at home. Cook the dinner yourself if money is an issue. If you aren’t worried about money, consider ordering something for delivery so you have a nice meal without having to spend time in the kitchen. Just remember that you also have to get dessert and drinks to complete the meal.

Think about your partner’s favorite foods and choose some of those to have for the night. Set the table up so it feels like you’re at a classy restaurant. If you don’t want to have to wash dishes but want nice dishes, consider going to the dollar store for plates and utensils that you can dispose of at the end of the night.

Set Up a Movie Night

After you get into something comfortable, snuggle up on the sofa to watch a movie. Think about the genre you and your partner both enjoy, so you can find something suitable. Romantic movies and romantic comedies are usually a good idea. Consider bringing in a tray with snack foods to nibble on during the movie. Hot chocolate or champagne are both good ideas for beverages during the movie night.

Prepare the Bath

Prepare a bath for your love. Get special bath salts or a bath bomb for them. Invest in a luxury towel or loofa. Consider laying flower petals on the floor leading up to the tub for a romantic touch. Set candles, either regular or flameless, in the bathroom for ambiance. When they’re ready to get in, run the water for them so they just have to get themselves ready and get in.

Exchange Gifts

When you’re looking for gifts, remember that the ones that mean the most are the ones that come from the heart. Jewelry, chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers, and similar gifts are common for Valentine’s Day. You may consider something a bit more personal, such as an electronic picture frame that you pre-load with pictures of you and your love.

You might want to give a meaningful gift and one that your partner can use that night. For example, choosing Valentine’s Day boxers and panty set is something that could be fun. If you and your partner have a quirky side, you could even do some fun games as gifts so you can play them during the night.

Remember, the purpose of the Valentine’s Day stay-at-home date is to reconnect with your partner. Take the time to plan the little points that will make the night special. Be sure to keep a camera handy so you can take pictures as the night goes on. Getting one of you and your date at the beginning of the night might be nice.

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