Important Features to Check When Selecting Your Door Handles

Important Features to Check When Selecting Your Door Handles

If correctly chosen, internal door knobs or handles can be the gem each house needs. They serve as barriers and entryways between various living spaces, making them an essential and valuable component of any building. They can serve as a room’s “jewelry,” tying together multiple design elements and promoting a smooth transition from one area to another in the house. Even though they may appear to be minor objects, the style you select must complement the overall design theme. Also, the hardware must be durable, adequate for daily use, and fit for its intended purpose. Everything else you should think about is included here.

Choose Your Style

Designing internal door handles, should be approached similarly to other interior design projects. When choosing handles for a building, take into account the overall motif. The design of the room it will be utilized in should then be considered, and finally, the style of the door your handles will be used with. A straight chrome door handle may not act as a contrast but merely look out of place if you’ve committed to contemporary curves and followed a conventional design approach throughout your home.

The Door Function

You need a passage knob or lever for closet and hallway doors. You can think about a locking, privacy knob, or lever for restrooms and bedrooms. Buy a non-turning, fake knob or lever for aesthetic door pulls and a keyed knob or lever for exterior or higher security applications. A handle serves four purposes:

  • Passage set (non-locking)
  • Entry set (has a key and is used for the front door)
  • Privacy (has a separate or an integrated locking function)
  • Set of dummies (a fixed handle without a latch used for cupboards)

For unique situations, like a wine cellar, you might even think of using a keyless Stealth deadbolt for convenience for you and further security against prying guests and family members.


There are currently too many different kinds of metal plating finishes listed. There are flat finishes like the mats, with black now a favorite. The more modern antique finishes offer the distinctive look of an aged finish for the discriminating hardware connoisseur. Antique Nickel and Brass finishes result from painstakingly handcrafted processes that have undergone extensive refinement. They are meant to take a look at the natural and variable features of tarnish and age.

The Environment & Material Types

Warm-colored homes may benefit from brass or antique bronze door hardware, whereas cooler color schemes work best with stainless steel, porcelain, or chrome hardware. If you live in areas of a tropical climate or close to the seaside, your internal door handles must be resistant to weather conditions like humidity and salt. Your door hardware must be durable and functional for as long as you need it to, regardless of where you are. You can read the section on the manufacturer’s website under the finishes and care tab to learn more about the finishes and warranties.

The process of home construction is thrilling and fulfilling. This guide can offer guidance at every stage of this procedure, whether you’re searching for something subtle or daring. After reading this article, you are better prepared to choose the type of door handles that will work the best in your home.

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