Innovative Decorations For Your Home To Give It Something Special

Almost every homeowner would like to make their home more decorative – but some would like to make their home really nice, both to make it attractive to them and a conversation piece among friends and relatives. If you have some money set aside for decorating and definitely have the time and energy for it, see if you can make these ideas work for you.

Idea #1 Make a Perpetual Christmas Room

Yes, that’s right. Everyone loves Christmas so this idea builds on that. You don’t have to make the Christmas room that showy, just make sure it represents what you love most about Christmas. Some might like a mini-Christmas tree in the corner with all the decorations you like on it. Hang Christmas lights around the walls of the room, not just on the tree. Put pictures of family members in frames all around. And if you like, you can even put perpetual gifts under the tree that you can open on birthdays of family members (just to add a twist).

Idea #2 Add a snake plant in practically every room

Many people have fallen in love with this kind of indoor plant because snake plants are nice to look at and have many health benefits for humans. It is said to remove many toxins from indoor air – in return, humans get to inhale pure oxygen emitted by it. Among the many toxins it can remove are toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, and benzene, plus of course carbon dioxide from humans. The other great news about this plant is that it is so low maintenance that you only give it a light watering every month. Otherwise, it is so low maintenance you don’t even have to put it near a window to catch the sunlight.

Idea #3 Decorate your living room coffee table with an array of children’s toys

Not many adults will admit it, but children’s toys are attractive even to adults. So if you have some children’s toys in good condition that your own kids have outgrown, you may want to set aside space on your living room coffee table for just them. They may even be good conversation starters when guests drop by.

Idea #4 Make a picture wall in the entrance of your house

Some people have many pictures of family and other loved ones in photo albums. Why not frame those pictures then hang them on a wall near your front door? You can choose the kind of frames you want and where each picture should go. You may need to do some measuring though so that the way each picture is hung jives with pictures on the rest of the wall. You could even add a message of your thoughts in vinyl to one part of the wall. When it’s done, that picture wall will definitely spark some good memories for you.

Idea #5 Add a memorabilia corkboard

Some people like to hoard a lot of memorabilia only to realize that they don’t know what to do with them sometime later. If you can find a large corkboard with a wooden frame (or maybe make one), you can attach some of those well-loved memorabilia to the corkboard in random ways with some tacks. Since you’re only using tacks, the memorabilia can be easily replaced with others if and when you like.

Idea #6 Make a wooden shelf in your dining room filled with colorful mugs

Some people like collecting mugs of every kind and color but don’t know what to do with them once they’ve reached a certain (overwhelming) number. Why not make a wooden shelf to attach to your dining room wall for them? This will allow you to show off the design of each mug and you will never get tired of looking at them at all. You can just switch around mugs as you like to change the overall pattern.


There really is no end to the ways you can possibly decorate your home to make it look nice and special. Transform one room to make it your Perpetual Christmas room. Buy some snake plants and raise one in each room. Arrange some children’s toys on your living room coffee table. Upgrade the entrance of your home with a picture wall. Create a memorabilia corkboard. You can also affix a wooden shelf in your dining room wall to be filled with your mug collection. These are just some ideas that may make your home look and feel something special, not just to you but to whoever visits your home too.

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