Innovative Developments In Medicine That Are Shaping Patient Care

Innovative Developments In Medicine That Are Shaping Patient Care

Health care isn’t always on the side of the patient. Sometimes we, as patients, just want it to be a little bit easier.

Giving patients more independence when it comes to home care with chronic conditions. Ease of use products and virtual assistance, we feel more at ease when our complaints are heard and addressed. Something as simple as a device like a Statlock to keep an IV line in makes our lives easier.

There are some advances that we can’t overlook.

Healthcare Apps

While filling out forms in a hospital is monotonous, it is one of the necessary evils. Without this information, doctors will not know how to treat you. Some apps allow you to fill in all of your medical information and share it with your healthcare practitioner with the push of a button; this removes the necessity of a paper file. Reducing your time spent and paper wasted.

Wearable Health Monitoring Tech

Wearable ECG monitors and wearable blood pressure monitors are all exceptional tech innovations to grace the medical industry. Things like this make it easier for doctors to get an accurate reading of the necessary vital information with the click of a button; this streamlines doctor visits and eliminates the hours or days of waiting for results.

These innovative developments will make getting information in emergencies much faster and more straightforward and create a substantially better environment for both medical practitioners and patients. These developments will also make nurses’ jobs easier and quicker, with less crowded waiting rooms.

Biosensors are up and coming in the medical field. These simple wearable self-adhesive patches collect a variety of data. These devices drastically reduce the deterioration of patients with cardiac or respiratory arrests.

Users will agree that wearable health monitoring devices increase people’s ability to engage with their health, leading to a decrease in severe conditions such as heart attacks and respiratory distress.

When a baby or child has a fever, everyone knows about it. With the difficulties in taking a sick child’s temperature, a wearable thermometer makes the world a difference. With a simple “plaster” type product, parents are saved from upsetting an already sick child.

Home Monitoring Devices

Devices that let you monitor your chronic conditions from home? Who wouldn’t want to feel more independent? Some chronic conditions require a doctor’s visit every week.

People with prediabetes symptoms and diabetes now have devices that allow glucose level testing, with just a prick of the finger and instant results. Continuous glucose monitoring helps patients understand what affects their conditions.

Patients that suffer from blood pressure now have at-home blood pressure cuffs. This removes the necessity to see a doctor or nurse every time you feel something isn’t quite right.

During the coronavirus pandemic, getting the virus could mean multiple trips a day to get your oxygen levels checked. With a pulse oximeter, you can have the results in a matter of seconds while lying in your bed.

When losing or gaining weight is a struggle, you need to keep track of your weight loss or weight gain. Something as simple as a Bluetooth scale can send your information directly to your cell phone. You will now have accurate results that you can send straight to your dietician.

During pregnancy, everything makes an expectant mother scared. With an at-home fetal doppler, an expecting mother can hear her baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of her home. The innovative little devices pick up the heartbeat of a fetus while indicating the beats per minute for ease of mind. This device can help expecting moms avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Virtual Health Consultations

Waiting in a queue at a doctor’s office can be tedious, but it’s necessary. Or so it was; you can now have a virtual consultation with your doctor. By eliminating going to your doctor’s office, you reduce your time wasted. It’s really as easy as going online and requesting a virtual consultation.

While the coronavirus pandemic was at its height, a virtual consultation was preferred. Using this simple yet effective service reduces the risk of spreading illnesses. This is a safer and more practical service offered by doctors. Their risk and your risk are drastically reduced.

If medical developments keep going in the right direction, fewer patients will have cancer, diabetes, and cardiac complications. If medical research facilities continue in the right direction, we are looking at a happier society as a whole, with fewer friends and family members enduring day-to-day symptoms.

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