Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Teens

Teens are prone to various negative influences; thus, they easily fall victim to drug addiction. Devoid of caring much regarding its dreadful outcomes, they simply go by the trend. To get help for a teenage addict is crucial. He/she has a beautiful life waiting ahead. Luckily, teen-specific rehabs have been specially designed to help them address addiction through specific treatment programs, which, along with offering counseling and drug detox, also works wonders in building the teens’ confidence and self-esteem. These programs assist teens in healing their bodies and their spirits and minds and better understand that it is sobriety, which is a part of a healthy and happy long-term lifestyle. 

The Specialty of Inpatient Rehab Centers for Teens 

The experts at an inpatient rehab center will offer essential support, advice and connect teens with other teens suffering from addiction. They work with them for long-lasting recovery, where an addicted teen can take control as well as ownership of his/her life. These centers help diagnose and treat the addict and ensure an improvement in their overall health. An inpatient rehab center is an excellent place to recover addicts as they get all the medical support, counseling, and other forms of necessities that will squash the addiction. These centers have a team comprising of specialized interventionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and licensed counselors for treating addicted teens. In fact, some experts in rehab centers can analyze a teen by merely talking to them. The programs rest on the nature and severity of the teen’s drug addiction. 

Different Approaches Used in Inpatient Rehab Centers to Treat Teen Addicts 

A renowned inpatient rehab center such as leading rehab centers in Missoula, MT use different approaches to treat teen addicts such as: –

  • Detoxification – This is the initial step to begin the treatment. Detoxification is where an addict’s body will flush out the drugs to begin real healing. This will be done by the body naturally. Depending on the situation of the teen addict, the detox process can take some days or some weeks to complete. This, when done under the guidance of a professional, will ensure it is done safely. 
  • Therapies – Teen drug rehabs often primarily focus on therapy. This can be both in group settings or one-on-one. Resting on the severity of the issue, the physician is likely to prescribe one or above of these therapies,
    1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    2. Family Therapy
    3. Contingency Management
    4. Motivational Interviewing
    5. Recreational Therapy
    6. Experiential Therapy
    7. Medications – Teen drug rehabs also provide the best possible treatments and appropriate medications to a drug-dependent teen. They help preserve the routine to offer medication and teach youths the methods of evading drugs and avoiding relapse. Prescribing medications during drug treatment is likely to help teens reduce cravings, restore underlying psychiatric disorders, if any, which is called dual diagnosis, and restore normal health. Pharmacotherapy is mostly used to treat adult patients, yet if the physician thinks that the teen addict needs medication, they may implement it in their treatment plan. Some of these medications may include mood stabilizers, stimulants, or opioids. 
  • Duration of Treatment – The treatment duration for a teen drug abuse will vary resting on the needs of every individual. This can be anywhere between 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. To cure a teen drug addict is not simple. This health problem is quite complex and thus demands special attention. So, do not expect results within a couple of days. In severe cases, the treatment duration can take months. So, patience is the key. 

Signs that Your Teen Requires Residential Drug Rehab 

Below are five signs that your teen requires the help of residential drug rehab centers

  • Repeated Relapse. 
  • Outpatient Treatment not working. 
  • Need professional assistance. 
  • Dual diagnosis. 
  • Safety.

Benefits Galore 

Below are some real benefits of inpatient rehab drug treatment for teens:

  • Assistance with the necessary peer, medical, and professional support. 
  • Freedom and time to solely focus on the teen.
  • Structured programs. 
  • Round the clock access to needed support. 
  • Ability to build new connections with teens having similar experiences. 
  • No temptation to take drugs. 
  • More choices for therapy. 
  • Easy access to various additional wellbeing elements such as nutrition, exercise, yoga, and others.

When you place your teen in an inpatient drug rehab center, you will put him/her in a close bond with teens that wish to overcome the addiction and begin to live a healthy life. These facilities offer tight control on the use of drugs. In fact, visitors cannot bring intoxicating substances in the building, while from time to time, urine screens will make sure that the teen has not relapsed. Besides, teens that stay in such facilities get immediate care available always. The best part is whenever they need help; the treatment team will offer it without delay.

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