Inspect and Repair the Water Leaks at Home with the Help of Plumbing Professionals

Inspect and Repair the Water Leaks at Home with the Help of Plumbing Professionals

Do you find any water leak at your house? Are the carpets of your living room always wet? Or is there any mold growth you see in your bathroom walls? If yes, then it is the beginning of pipe water leaks in your house. This surely means that the plumbing system of your house is getting damaged. It indicates that you need to hire the experts as soon as possible. People often take the leakages very lightly and prefer repairing them on their own. But this is not possible at all, since, leakages are not external, rather they go deep down inside. Therefore, it is better to hire a plumber in Cranberry for getting the leaks repaired. 

Let us have a look at how these professional plumbing service providers can help us with these leakages.

Look for the Source of Water Leaks

If you contact a plumber to determine the source of unknown water leaks, they will start by walking around your home to look for any signs or indicators of possible leakage. This may include monitoring fixtures, water systems, and pool systems to find out the real sources. The plumber would probably even test the water meter to get an insight into how much water is getting used by the homeowners.

Detect with the Leak Detection Tools

Once all the fixture points and other surfaces are checked, the plumber in Uniontown will need to look for the leaks that are underground or hidden within the walls. The professional sound detectors are by far the most appropriate tool for detecting those types of water leakages. A highly qualified plumbing and heating specialist in Glasgow can only use this as they will be able to carefully listen to the underground water flowing through the pipes. Besides, pipe locator clamps are also used on the visible parts of a pipe to relay radio signals through the pipes. This process is commonly known as ‘charging the pipes’. When the location of the water leak is found, an experienced plumber can demonstrate the best method to repair it and prevent further damage to the property by water.

Fix the Water Leaks Using Different Methods

After the detection of water leaks, the plumbers then proceed towards fixing them. Here is a very common guide that these professionals usually follow for repairing these water leaks.


Apply the Epoxy Putty


  • Firstly turn off the water supply to stop the leakages from the pipe. Then dry the area which needs to be patched with the epoxy putty. 
  • Apply the putty completely after kneading it properly. Next cure the putty nicely to make it hard and stable. 
  • Again check for the leaks


Repair Clamps


Most of the plumber in Cranberry uses the repair clamps for covering up the larger splits or the gaps in pipes. To make sure that it is done properly plumber follow the below-given steps.

  • Turn off the pipe leaks and clean the area surrounding the leakage
  • Apply the clamp and patch for overlapping the defective section of the pipe
  • Tighten these clamps to seal the hole
  • Lastly, check for the leaks


Pipe Leak Repair Kit with Tape


  • Shut off the water supply and dry the water pipe
  • Follow the instruction manual. Then wrap the fiberglass tape around the leakage.

These were some methods that the plumber in Uniontown use for repairing the water leaks. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is here to help you with repairing the water leaks of your home in no or little time.

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