Interior Accents: Non-Trivial Ideas That Will Take Home Design To A New Level

Bright and original details in the interior create a stylish space where you want to be. It’s like in The Sims game – you walk into a room with bright accents and your mood rises dramatically and your happiness indicator turns green.

Due to ignorance of what can be accentuated in the apartment, many begin to overload the space with a huge number of decorative elements and colors. Don’t hesitate, choosing and placing accents in the room is a whole art. It’s not just about a bright blanket or contrasting curtains. Today we’re going to talk about seven atypical ways to add color and break up a boring style with accents.Interior Accents Non-Trivial Ideas That Will Take Home Design To A New Level

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Let’s start with theory

Before you accentuate something with color, you need to decide on the overall palette of the room. That is, you need to choose a decor that sharply contrasts with the main color. For example, for a bedroom in gray tones, the accent will be a bright yellow bedside rug or blue curtains, and in a purple kitchen, these are white chairs.

Agree that bright details make the interior more lively. But the whole secret lies in the balance: if there are a lot of bright colors, then the room will become too “patchwork”, and the accent effect will disappear.

Typically, the interior should include 3 colors:

  • 60% – main tint;
  • 30% – secondary color or shades of the main one;
  • 10% – accent.

Now let’s talk about what exactly can be added to the interior to break the monotypic paints.

Ideas for unusual accents

Put up colored doors

If you have a monochrome interior, why not use colored interior doors? If this option is too daring for you, paint the entrance door. Often, few people spend a lot of time in the hallway, so you won’t get bored with a colored door. But at the same time, it will be a great accent in a boring typical white or gray entrance area.

Buy a sofa or bed with colorful upholstery

Residents of megapolises often suffer from a shortage of bright colors. They are surrounded by the gray colors of concrete and asphalt, so the need to revive the interior design of their apartments is especially acute. To add a note of freshness, you should pay attention to bright furniture elements – beautiful, non-trivial, and functional. Intense shades of yellow, orange, blue, red, green, purple, pink, etc. fully satisfy the need for color.

By the way, another trend is the combination of bright upholstery with the same bright decorative pillows. For example, a yellow plush sofa goes well with purple pillows, even if there is nothing purple in the room anymore! In case you already have a bright sofa but no throw pillows as an accent, then click here.

And remember, that furniture in rich tints looks especially advantageous against the background of neutral wall decoration. Just one striking element can make interior design play out in fresh colors.

Put a color fridge in your kitchen

The trend for colored refrigerators is only gaining popularity but there are already many offers of bright household appliances on the market. Today you can buy any candy-colored device, as well as refrigerators in red, deep blue, or burgundy.

However, you can make a colored cover yourself – interior enthusiasts often use a wrap for the refrigerator, which can be easily ordered from Amazon.

Pay attention to colorful chairs

Focusing on the dining area in the kitchen is an unusual solution that fully meets modern trends. Many designers even combine chairs in several bright colors at the same time.

By the way, you can rely not only on color but also on shape. Chairs of different styles are a technique that professionals use when they want to create an eclectic interior.

Emphasize the back of the bookcase

Conveniently, by painting the back wall of furniture in bright colors, you can easily transform any shelving, even the simplest and most budget ones from IKEA.

Favor wardrobes with striking fronts

Bright wardrobes, namely facades, can also become an accent in the interior. These are many of them offered by the mass market. But you can do them yourself using paint.

In lighter interiors, you can highlight one entire wall with a colored shelf or full-height wardrobe. It looks very impressive in living rooms when there is a whole wall for a closet.

Choose color in detail

Cheerful tones have a positive effect on the perception of life, cheer you up, charge you with vivacity and energy. In addition to upholstered furniture, decorative elements and textiles can become bright accent spots. Carpets, curtains, bright paintings, or juicy decorative pillows like the All About Vibe company offers will refresh the room, and bring a stream of joy. Geometric images will also help in creating a new image of interior design.

Also, try to pay attention to seemingly inconspicuous things in the interior. Paint the batteries or the battery screen – this accent also seems unusual and will definitely grab attention.

Final thoughts

Concluding the article, it should be said that an interior without accents is flat and boring. The pattern can be broken by the simplest accents available to everyone – textiles, paintings, and accessories. There are many types and options, but keep in mind the rule of balance. Following it, you can create a unique atmosphere in the house and share it with all household members.

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