Internet Speed and Gaming: The Basics and How to Get the Best Experience

Internet Speed and Gaming The Basics and How to Get the Best Experience

When playing games, whether they are the latest MMORPG or you’re into retro gaming, you want a smooth sailing experience. Laggy gaming is a very crappy experience and will just ruin your overall mood while playing. Once your character just doesn’t move and you’re trying to battle your enemies, you’ll lose the game in just a split second. Experiencing this problem often gets frustrating.

The performance of your internet connection determines your internet speed. Internet speed will differ significantly depending on the type of internet connection you have. You must take note that your upload speed will always be much lower compared to your download speed, which is why loading videos or photos is much faster compared to sharing them. In this article, we’ll be going further on internet speed which can help you out when your gaming. We’ll also be giving you tips on how you can improve your internet speed, so keep on reading to find out more about what can make your internet best for gaming.

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Upload speed

So you might be asking, “What internet speed do I need for gaming?” Well, before we dive into that, you must first know that for your general or normal use, a 3Mbps upload speed meets the minimum standard for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). But since this is the minimum, if you or anyone else in your household depends highly on the internet, then you may need to upgrade to higher internet speed. Gamers will definitely benefit from this, especially those who play on multiplayer games of MMORPGs since these types of games rely on fast upload internet speed.

Download speed

Now, in terms of download speed, this refers to the bits per second it takes to download data from a server on the inter in the form of videos, photos, and the likes. These include streaming music on platforms such as Spotify or iTunes, watching videos on Netflix and YouTube, any files you download to your device, and everything else that downloads any form of data.

Good download speed

So, exactly what is good download speed? For general use, a 25Mbps speed is the minimum broadband standard according to the FCC. Do take note that the number of devices connected to the internet and how you use the internet can change the good download speed of your household internet.

Good internet speed for gaming

Console gaming

For running and playing online games, a good and reliable internet speed that is secure is very necessary. When playing on consoles like the Xbox1 and PS4 consoles, it’s important that your internet speed is fast. Depending on the provider of your internet, internet speeds may vary. But you can definitely find a way to improve the speed of the internet. There is a list of minimum system requirements for playing games, and if these games have an online component, for you to be able to the game’s services, that list will include a minimum connection speed. So, in terms of gaming experience, your internet connection will greatly make a difference in it.

Most video game console manufacturers would recommend a minimum upload speed of 3Mbps download speed and at least 0.5 to 1Mbps to be able to play the game. There may be a need to ask your network provider to upgrade to a higher internet speed for you to get a better experience in gaming. For PS4 gaming, the average internet speed tops to around 19Mbps in the US. But the minimum upload speed is just 1Mbps and the minimum download speed is 3Mbps. The same goes for Xbox gaming, but you will also need 1Mbps for SD video streaming as well as 3.5Mbps for HS video streaming.

PC gaming

As for PC games, the minimum speed of 6Mbps is highly recommended for a smooth sailing gaming experience. With the minimum speed, you will be able to play PC games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, PBG, CS: GO, and many others, you will be able to play them without any problems or lags. The right internet and computer will boost gaming experience.

How can you improve your internet speed?

Internet provider

Sharing the internet connection with other devices will definitely affect the speed of your internet. We want to help you improve your internet connection speed. In this case, you must first know exactly the details of your internet connection that can be provided in your area; your internet provider can tell you this. You have to keep in mind that the advertised internet speed won’t necessarily be the speed itself. They are advertisements and marketed to make it look like the best out there. You will need to contact your internet provider or local ISP to know what speeds your area can accommodate.

Restart your router or modem

Sometimes, you may just need to restart or reset your router or modem to improve your internet speed. A reboot to your device may help your internet speed. Just unplug your modem or router and wait for about fifteen minutes. Then plug it back. You may notice a change in your internet speed after. This is especially the case if it is raining or has just rained. Sometimes, an internet connection is affected by the weather.

Lessen internet usage

If you have many tabs open on your device, they may also be consuming or using an internet connection. You have to keep in mind that the more devices connected to your internet and the more tabs using your internet will greatly affect your internet speed. If you have devices that are connected but aren’t being used, they can sort of “steal” your internet speed, so disconnect them and you may see a great difference in your internet speed.

Game on!

And there you have it, the basics on internet upload and download speed for playing on different gaming platforms. We also included some hacks on tips on how you can improve your internet speed. We hope that our tips will help you in making your gaming experiences just a bit better. There are definitely many factors that can affect your internet connection’s speed, but knowing the basics can help you figure out what you can do to improve it.

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