Is Pet Insurance Necessary? Find Out

Is Pet Insurance Necessary_

When you get a new pet, you may be unsure whether you should purchase pet insurance for them. Some plans are expensive, and they might not seem worth it. To help you better determine whether or not pet insurance is necessary for your situation, keep reading.

The Basic Costs of Pet Care

Its common knowledge that owning a pet is expensive. You have to pay for food, toys, and more, depending on the type of pet you have. With cats, you’ll need to spend more money on cat litter and litter boxes, while with dogs, you’ll end up paying more for things like crates, leashes, and collars.

You should also expect to pay upfront costs the first time you take them to the vet. Depending on where you adopted or purchased them from, they may need more or less upfront care. Younger cats and dogs will also require sets of shots as they grow, and these can be expensive without pet insurance.

Pets also require ongoing treatment as humans do. Your pet will need an annual exam. During this exam, the vet will check to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. They’ll give them an annual shot they require and send you on your way. But what if something is wrong with your pet?

Medical Emergencies

Unfortunately, medical emergencies do occur, and they can be incredibly pricey. Medical emergencies can occur because of illness or accident. Unexpected veterinary care can range anywhere from $800 to %1,500 or more. As most Americans don’t have much in their savings accounts, these unexpected costs are often hard to pay.

Most pet insurance companies cover these costs (with few circumstances depending on the insurance company you choose). Paying a monthly fee instead of all at once for an emergency can allow many pet owners to take better care of their pets, as they’re more willing to bring them in for treatment or care.

Medical emergencies can often lead to a lifetime of expenses. Without pet insurance, those expenses could be too much for one to handle.

Expected Costs

If you’re wondering just how expensive treatment for cats and dogs can be, here’s a quick breakdown of the average expected costs of some accidents, injuries, and illnesses that household pets experience.


  • Skin Conditions: $4,000
  • Ear Infections: $800
  • Eye Infections: $6,000
  • Growths, Lumps, and Cancer: $15,000
  • Kidney Disease: $3,500
  • Stomach Issues: $6,500
  • Urinary Tract Infections: $6,000
  • Diabetes: $2,000


  • Ear Infections: $800
  • Allergic Reactions: $3,000
  • Skin Conditions: $4,000
  • Stomach Issues: $6,500
  • Cruciate Ligament Injuries: $6,500
  • Limping: $20,000
  • Growths, Lumps, and Cancer: $6,000
  • Urinary Tract Infections: $6,000
  • Eye Infections: $2,000
  • Pain Management: $3,000

How to Find the Right Plan

Okay, so now that you’ve decided pet insurance is a must, now you have to decide which plan is right for you. There are many different pet insurance plans out there, all with separate deductibles, annual caps, and coverage. Some offer only accident coverage, while some offer both accident and illness coverage. Many plans also offer wellness coverage as an add-on, allowing you to pay monthly for your annual exams instead of all at once.

Options include ASPCA, PetFirst, Pet Assure, 24PetWatch, and Pumpkin Pet Insurance. When choosing a pet insurance plan, you should shop around and look at each plan’s coverage. Think about what exactly you’re looking for and how each plan best fits your needs. Speak with representatives and ask all the questions you can.

If a plan’s documents are too hard to understand or it seems like their premiums are too high, opt for another company. Choosing pet insurance will ensure that you don’t have to break the bank to take care of your furry friends.

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