Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Is Your Home Winter Ready

With winter just around the corner it’s time get your home ship shape so that it’s able to withstand the elements as the weather changes. The seasons change so quickly it feels as though long sunny days in the garden were only yesterday, but there is definitely a chill in the air! It won’t be long before evenings are spent curled up in front of the fire instead of by the BBQ. To ensure your home stays safe, cozy warm and dry in the winter it’s important to undertake essential maintenance tasks. So grab your coat, paper, and pen and head off outside!

Sheds and garages

Take a good look at any sheds and outhouses. It’s important to get any damage fixed before the weather worsens as this will ensure they stay watertight and in a good condition during the winter months. Check to see if any shed panels need replacing and undertake garage door panel replacement in plenty of time. Replacing doors, locks and fixing walls will also maintain a good level of security, which is particularly important if you store a vehicle or expensive tools in the garage.

Store items safely away so that they can be used again next summer. If you have children outdoor toys should be cleaned and safely stored.

Garden tasks

Autumn is a time for clearing the garden ready for the winter months. Any work you do now will be rewarded tenfold next spring. Remove dead plants and cut back branches and shrubs, this will allow for new growth in spring. Empty pots and containers of dead annuals and either store them away or plant spring bulbs for a splash of colour when the weather warms up again next year.

Autumn is a time for harvesting fruits and vegetables in the garden. Often there is a glut of produce so either pass some on to friends and family or preserve them. Leave a few fruits around to sustain wildlife in the winter months. Ensure you clear away fallen leaves and check trees for damaged branches.

Try to cut the grass for the last time before the weather gets too wet and cold. This will ensure the grass doesn’t become straggly and will also promote stronger and thicker growth in the spring.

Check boundaries

Check to make sure that fences and walls are in good condition, sometimes the weight of summer flowering climbing plants can cause damage. Replace fence panels as necessary, if you leave it the damage is likely to get worse with high winds and the weight of snow. Damaged boundaries can be become a security relating to your home as well as the safety of children and pets.

Roof and guttering

To ensure your home remains waterproof throughout the winter it’s important to repair any damage to your roof as quickly as possible. Replace loose or missing tiles and check that chimney stacks are undamaged. If you leave minor faults unfixed it is likely to get worse as the weather worsens which will make an initially small job escalate considerably.

Guttering and drains also need to be working effectively. Make sure you clear fallen leaves so that water can flow freely. Blocked guttering can potentially cause damp and flooding issues. Ensure guttering is firmly fixed in position and that drains remain clear of debris. Cleaning the gutters might seem an easy task on the surface, but it is better if you leave the guttering maintenance task to professionals.

Once you have ticked off the tasks, you will be safe in the knowledge that your home is winter ready!

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