Keep Your Coffee Fresh: From Grinding to Storage

As Cassandra Clare wrote in the City of Ashes, “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” – there’s a little room for us to disagree with her. Coffee has been a savior for most of our days since it was first brewed in human civilization.

Since then, it went through a lot. Today, there are more coffee versions than you can keep track of. And then comes the different ways you can consume it – ground, non-ground, instant, brewed, etc.

Now, how do you make sure that the coffee you take is fresh and tasty? Especially if you are a fan of coffee beans? There’s a rule of thumb that the better you take care of the beans, the fresher it will taste.

In this piece, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks on how to keep coffee beans fresh!

Purchase According To Your Needs

We know it; it’s hard to stop by the stores and super shops every now and then. That’s why whenever we get time, it’s a common intuition of us to get as many supplies as possible so that we don’t need to return to the stores in a while.

But coffee beans are something that can’t be simply hoarded. Immediately after getting roasted, coffee beans slowly start to lose the freshness and become paler and paler over time. It’s not a great idea to keep a ton of beans in your house for future consumption.

There are several types of coffee beans, such as light roast coffee beans, dark roast coffee beans, and medium roast coffee beans. Ideally, coffee beans do not retain the taste and freshness after 4 to 5 weeks. So that means if you are storing beans for a month will not be a smart idea. Experts suggest that you can buy beans for a short term, like one or a couple of weeks.

But this doesn’t mean that consuming a 4-week old set of beans will harm you in any way. It’s just not going to feel as fresh and tasty as it should. So, it’s recommended that you should buy coffee beans every two weeks, at best. Luckily, in this modern age, you can buy your beans online from a shop like Runner Bean Coffee, for convenience and better customization to the kind of coffee you want.

 Don’t Grind Unless You Are Brewing

Another common mistake that most coffee lovers commit is grinding too early. Yes, just like you don’t buy too many coffee beans without the intention to consume as early as possible, grinding coffee beans should follow the same rule, as well.

Make sure you are grinding coffee beans right before you are going to brew. Don’t just grind way before you plan to make yourself a cup of coffee. This is because the moment you grind the beans, the powder is exposed to oxygen.

Eventually, the coffee powder loses the carbon dioxide inside and starts to become oxidized. This is crucial because the coffee beans’ freshness depends on the carbon dioxide kept preserved in them. So whenever it starts to get rid of it, the freshness level will start to drop.

So, as it is vital to make it a habit of buying coffee beans once in two weeks or a week, it’s also crucial to grind the beans right before brewing the ground beans on your brewing machine.

The good news is, there are many coffee grinding and brewing machines are available on the market in two-in-one format. You can grind and brew at the same time on these machines. So, there’s no need to grind way before you want to drink it. Simply put the beans on one side to grind, the machine will automatically brew it on the other side.

 Store The Beans Well

Storing the beans needs your utmost attention. Coffee beans are not quite friendly with light, heat, moisture, and air. That means if it is exposed to any of these in any way, the freshness and authenticity of the beans will be compromised.

The storage package that comes from the stores is a temporary solution for it. You can’t rely on it for long-term storage. For a day or two, it’s okay to keep the beans in the package, but for more than a couple of days, you need to take things a little bit more seriously.

Keep the beans in an opaque jar. Make sure that the jar is completely airtight and no moisture can enter it. Plus, make sure the jar is kept away from light, heat, and cool area, as well. You definitely don’t want to keep it beside the oven or the refrigerator.

You can find the cupboard a good place to keep the jar to safeguard the beans from all these issues. But then again, we will suggest you invest in a vacuum coffee jar. It will not only safeguard the beans from air and moisture but also from heat and cold.

Let’s Debunk Some Coffee Storage Myths

Now it’s time to get some fact checks. You can always find some theories here and there about storing coffee beans that are not quite true. Let’s get to it.

 Myth 1: It’s great to grind right after roasting

No. It’s not. It’s better to wait for about a week or a few days more. As soon as the beans are roasted, the beans start to degas and are prone to moisture attach. So, waiting for a few days keeps you on the safer side.

 Myth 2: The retail package is good for storage

Not true. The retail package will no way safeguard the beans from heat, cold, and moisture for more than a day after opening. You need a vacuum jar or at least an airtight, opaque jar to keep the beans fresh.

 Myth 3: You can freeze the beans

As we discussed earlier, cold temperature harms the freshness of the coffee. Coffee beans are hygroscopic. That means it will drag taste from its surrounding in the fridge. So, you will get a multi-flavored coffee with veggies and all after you brew the coffee.

Final Words

Collecting great coffee beans is important. But what’s equally important is keeping the beans safe and retaining the freshness of them. If you can ensure proper storage of the coffee beans you purchase, you can definitely enjoy the same fresh coffee every time you brew it.

In the end, the best way to store grounded coffee or coffee beans is to use a well-ventilated container designed specifically for coffee. It gives you the most protection against oxygen, heat, light, and moisture.

Make sure you follow the tips we have shared here today!

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