Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions – Should You Try Them?

Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions - Should You Try Them?

Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions have certainly been a topic of conversation in the lash industry in recent times, according to People have given Kim-K eyelash style many names like spiky lashes, and the Kylie effect, to name but a few. What has made these lashes popular is their distinct rippled eyelash line and messy look.

As this style is unique, it can be very difficult to recreate it, and it may require more time and attention to fit than other lashes require. If you want to learn how you can create these lashes, then keep reading to learn how exactly it can be done.

Kim K Eyelash Extensions

Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions are KK’s go-to lashes, and, recently, more and more people are wearing this lash style. These extensions are like hybrid eyelashes, which involve the use of two different techniques.

For the Kim K lash style, you need to combine classic eyelashes with Russian volume eyelashes to create this look. Her lash extensions create high volume, yet they give a natural look that people find more appealing and attractive.

How to Create Kim K Eyelash Extensions?

As mentioned earlier, creating Kim K eyelashes is not as simple or easy as creating other lashes. You need to be more patient to get the same look. With time and practice, they will become easy to fit.

You need classic and Russian volumes to get Kim K eyelash extensions. You can use Russian volumes 0,05 to 0,07, and Classic 0,15 volume for this look. Make sure you put classic extensions first.

Tips to Remember While Fitting Kim K Eyelashes

  • Keep the distance between spikes on both eyes the same.
  • Avoid creating spikes in the inner and outer corners of your eyelash line.
  • Keep the number of lash rays from 7 to 10 on each eye.
  • To make lash rays more prominent, buy rays that are 2 mm to 3 mm longer than the main set.

Who Suits the Kim K Eyelash Extensions?

We all have different eye shapes with different lash shapes and sizes. It means that all eye shapes have their own eyelash needs. Like any other form of eyelash extension, Kim K’s lashes won’t suit all eye shapes equally.

They look more suitable for hooded eyes and Asian eyes. These lashes will give such eye shapes a more prominent look, and create an almond eye shape. As these eyelashes are already very large and heavy, they will not suit big and rounded eyes.

Whether you should apply them or not also depends on your style and look. If you want to have the Kim K look, then, of course, no one can stop you from having that!

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