Kitchen Flooring: 5 Factors That You Should Never Ignore


Kitchen Flooring: 5 Factors That You Should Never Ignore

With so many designs, materials and colour options for your kitchen flooring, it is exhilarating and confusing at the same time. The kitchen flooring you choose doesn’t only impact the visual appearance of your home but also determines the level of ease and convenience you would have while cooking your meals.

So, it becomes imperative to get hold of the appropriate flooring. For that, you need to evaluate a lot of factors, of which some are the most significant ones. Below listed are 5 such tips you shouldn’t ignore while choosing your kitchen flooring.

Table of Contents

  • Always Decide According to Your Budget
  • Kitchen Flooring Contractor
  • Durability of Your Kitchen Floor
  • Wood
  • Other Options
  • Maintenance of the Floor
  • Adaptability
  • Your Personal Style Preference
  • Style, Design and Colour
  • Summary

Always Decide According to Your Budget

Budget is the most vital factor to consider for your kitchen flooring. The overall cost you have in mind will determine the type of kitchen flooring you want to choose and how you can make the most of your expenditure.

Having a budget constraint does not mean you can’t have a great kitchen floor; you just have to be careful and creative with your choices. For instance, you can choose a plastic laminate floor that perfectly imitates the look and feel of stone instead of going for actual stone, which is way costlier.

Kitchen Flooring Contractor

If you cannot figure out the cost of your kitchen flooring, you should get a free estimate from any top kitchen flooring company. You can also compare the services and rates of different contractors and choose the one that best suits your budget. However, do not settle for a very cheap contractor, as they are not likely to provide you with a satisfying kitchen flooring service.

Durability of Your Kitchen Floor

Kitchen flooring is a long-time investment, and you do not want to reinvest in it every few years. That’s why it is crucial you choose a floor that can withstand heat, pressure, water, and last long. If you want a durable option, polished concrete would be the best in this situation.


Wood tiles are an exceptional choice for your kitchen floor when it comes to sustainability. Don’t hesitate at all to go with wood if your kitchen has heavy traffic, potential spills, and water stains. Prefinished hardwood floors can withstand all of these and, with proper care, can last for up to 50 years.

However, you would have to apply a protective coating to the floor to secure it from scratches, stains, and dents. Using a porous material for the floor can also enhance the protection.

Other Options

Ceramic is also a popular choice for kitchen floors as they are impact-resistant to dropped pans, pots, and other kitchen materials. If your kitchen is adjacent to a pool or garage, choose a flooring type that can withstand water and mud. Whatever you choose, make sure you evaluate its durability. Do you know each year, around 684,000 people die from falls worldwide? Your kitchen floor should not cause anyone to trip or fall due to slippery surfaces or cracked tiles.

Maintenance of the Floor

No matter what flooring type you choose, it would need maintenance, but the catch is how frequently. Some flooring types demand regular cleaning and maintenance to stay clean and last long. So, before you choose a kitchen flooring type, know how much time you can spend on it to keep it spick and span.

If you choose tiles, you will have to take care of the grouting to keep them clean. For limestone, you will need sealing twice a year as it is porous. Going with polished concrete flooring would be ideal for you if you don’t want to spend time or money maintaining your kitchen floor.

However, all this needs to be decided considering the other factors as well. Suppose you are too overwhelmed by limestone because of its look; in that case, you can go for it providing you are ready to put extra effort cleaning, sealing and maintaining it. Without proper care, it will cease to perform efficiently and last long.


The best kitchen flooring you can choose is the one that has neutral and natural colours. That way, you keep the option open for additional updates in the future. So, going with luxury vinyl flooring accompanied by wood tiles would be perfect to subtly match a range of wall colours and decorative designs. Remember that opting for neutral-coloured kitchen flooring does not make your place appear dull and boring.

As a matter of fact, going with the right colour choices such as taupe, beige, and ivory can liven up your kitchen space. You can also go with white and grey colour shades that can readily catch anyone’s attention. Pairing these shades with striking wallpapers, you can easily turn your kitchen space into one of its kind.

Your Personal Style Preference

While surfing through different kitchen flooring options, take time to contemplate your own style preferences. While you can get advice from many as to which flooring would suit your kitchen, the ultimate decision should be yours and yours completely.

Style, Design and Colour

If you want to keep up with the ongoing trends, opting for decorative concrete flooring would be good right for you. For a more classic and sober look, ceramic tiles are the best. And if you want something eco-friendly, you can try out cork.

You also need to consider the colours for your kitchen flooring. If you want your kitchen to be the most attractive space in your home, you can go with something out of the box. However, if you want it to act as a neutral backdrop, beige or natural wood colour would do well.

Whatever style, design and colour you choose, make sure they complement your interiors, and you won’t get bored of them in a few months, wanting them replaced.


Always go through the above tips before you make a decision for your kitchen flooring. That way, you would be able to ensure that you are choosing the right flooring that is practical, looks magnificent and is within your budget.

Hire a reputed and well-experienced kitchen flooring professional so that your kitchen floor comes out exactly as you want it to.

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