Kitchen Remodelling Trends In 2020

Kitchen Remodeling Trends In 2020

Want to increase the value of your property? You can do that by remodelling your kitchen. Yes, you read that right. The kitchen is the heart of every home, so why not give it the love it deserves. Remodelling the kitchen can be an overwhelming task. With so much to look after, you might get stressed. That’s why in this article, we have listed popular kitchen remodelling trends in 2020 that can get those creative juices flowing, and help you revamp your kitchen without hassle.

Go Green

Many homeowners are taking the green approach with their home renovation projects.

Help protect our environment by using sustainable products and implementing green practices.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable products. Choose surfaces, paints, and countertops that are 100% environmentally friendly as well as elegant.

Modern Cabinets

Contemporary cabinets have a minimalistic design, are economical and built sustainably using bamboo and glass surfaces.

So rather than using old, traditional cabinets, opt for modern ones installed by kitchen installers in Adelaide. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to colour, design and style.

Energy & Time Efficient Appliances

High-efficiency built-in refrigerators and dishwashers help people save time and conserve energy. Besides that, they increase the usable space in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops and convection ovens also reduce the cooking time.


Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as it enhances the mood of the space. It can change a dull looking kitchen into a modern, fancy one.

To make your kitchen warm and inviting, consider multiple lighting solutions.

  • For kitchen cabinet interiors, use a light channel millwork.
  • For kitchen drawers, use simple soft strips.
  • Install under cabinet lighting and LED dots.
  • Lighting over the sink should be bright so install a track head or mono point above the sink.
  • For kitchen island counters use task lighting options.

Walk-in Pantry

To create more storage space in your kitchen, consider installing a walk-in pantry. It allows you to stock both non-perishable and perishable (that don’t need refrigeration) items.

To get them customised, talk to specialists of kitchen renovations in Adelaide. They can help you create your dream kitchen without any hassle.

Wireless Kitchen

With the advancement of technology, designers have changed the way kitchens look. Fore example, electrical appliances in the kitchen can now be integrated with new features and attributes.

That said, with the introduction of wall-mounted screens and systems, wireless kitchens have now become a leading trend.


Hardwood is the most trendy and practical flooring solution for modern kitchens, but other options are no less.

Waterproof vinyl, tile, engineered wood, laminate, bamboo and cork kitchen flooring can also beautifully transform your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

If you want an upgrade that always remains stylish and durable, switch to stainless steel surfaces and appliances. They are hygienic, easy to clean and heat resistant. They look aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.

Since the surface resists fingerprints and smudges, they are extremely easy to maintain.

Granite Countertops

The surface of granite countertops is not porous; therefore, it also resists scratches, dust, dirt and bacteria, making them extremely low-maintenance surfaces.

They are durable, stylish, strong and can sustain everyday wear and tear. Kitchen designers call them traditional yet trendy.

Final Thoughts

To make the most of a kitchen remodelling project, you must seek help from qualified kitchen designers. Though this article can help you with the planning process, a professional can make the renovation smoother.

By providing you with a digital layout of kitchen design, they can help you visualise your dream kitchen once more. And if there are any changes to be made, they can do it immediately with final approval from you.

Hopefully, this article helped you create a fantastic looking, trendy kitchen.

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