Landscaping Tips and Ideas for Stunning Outdoors

Tasteful landscaping can turn your idle outdoor space into a beautiful leisure and entertainment niche and greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Here are five tips for smart landscaping that will add year-round beauty to your front lawn or backyard.

Use evergreen foliage.

When choosing the plants, shrubs and full-grown trees for your lawn, look for all-weather greens that need little maintenance. Evergreen plants add permanent charm to your landscape and soften the hard lines of the main building. In addition, choose the type of grass that will flourish well through the seasons or at least most of the year. If you’re not sure which plants and shrubs would be best for your local climate, consult a professional gardener to ensure your money is well spent. Another easy way to create all-season greenery is to use a mix of flowering plants that bloom at different times of the year so that your landscape will have some color no matter what the season. Get the help of lawn care service experts to plan it in a better way.

Add a water feature.

Water, whether a waterfall or a charming little pond, can instantly elevate any outdoor space. Add an independent water feature made of natural stone if you’re not keen to dig your backyard to create a pond. To avoid seepage problems, make sure there is a proper drainage system to support the water body. Add rustic seating near the feature along with a swing made from rope and wood to create a personal little nook.

Build an elevated flower garden.

An easy way to enliven a boring lawn is to create an oval-shaped mound (a berm) with fertile soil at a strategic location. Develop it into a little garden with different kinds of flowering plants, add stones and rocks for texture and place some garden décor to enhance the visual appeal of the berm. For visual appeal, ensure that the mound looks natural with a gradual slope. If you have a large lawn, consider combining two or three berms to create the effect of a small hill. For professional help in setting this or any of your new landscaping projects up in New Mexico or Washington, call up vista scapes.

Get professional help.

Sometimes, it pays to leave the job to the pros as it gives you access to a wide variety of affordable landscaping materials and unique design ideas that you may not find on your own. If you live in or around St. Louis, hire an experienced local landscaping and turf management company such as Hydro Dynamics irrigation services who’ve been serving the St. Louis community for over 40 years. Their services include installing modern irrigation and drainage systems in homes and commercial buildings, bespoke outdoor lighting, hardscaping, and turf management.

Use lighting creatively to add drama.

Aside from illuminating dark corners for safety, outdoor lighting adds character and personality to your home’s façade. An aesthetically done landscape should be visible well after sunset so that you can host friends and family or simply take a stroll through your tasteful outdoor space. Place solar lights along cobbled pathways to enhance your lawn’s beauty at night. Soft pole lights and concealed lighting can be used to highlight the architectural elements.

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