Learn About Percussive Massage Guns For Reducing Muscle Pain

Learn About Percussive Massage Guns For Reducing Muscle Pain

Percussion massage guns have gained popularity over the past few years as a recovery tool. It has been favored by professional athletes, doctors, fitness enthusiasts and trainers alike. They sound and appear like power tools; however, these handheld devices are designed for making you feel better. They assist with:

  • Enhancing blood flow
  • Lowering soreness
  • Enhancing range of motion
  • Breaking up tension

All these factors can result in speedier recovery and better warm-ups. Massage guns operate by transferring direct vibrating pulses to the muscles. Vibration therapy and conventional massage are both used effectively for lowering delayed onset muscle soreness. However, apart from fighting pain, vibration therapy is also effective for lowering lactic acid levels in the body after working out.

Why Should You Use A Massage Gun?

Massage guns are utilized for easing tight muscles and increasing circulation temporarily. They are incredibly effective for use immediately following a workout. The increased blood flow to your muscle tissues can assist with preparing your body for exercise while potentially lowering the risk of muscle strains. Massage guns can also be effective for use after exercise. The percussive pressure promotes flushing lactic accumulation out of muscles and lower soreness.

How Do You Use A Massage Gun?

A chiropractor or physical therapist might utilize a percussion massage gun as a part of your therapy. You can also use the massage gun yourself but keep these four tips in mind when using the best percussion massage gun, yourself.

  • Begin slow since massage guns are powerful devices, you must practice caution, especially if you’re already experiencing soreness. Start on the lowest setting and gradually go from there.
  • Don’t go near the bone. It might result in damage which is not going to be pleasant. Begin with the larger muscle groups (such as glutes, calves, traps, quads, and lats) until you feel more comfortable with using the gun. Use the other hand for identifying bony areas so that you can avoid them more easily).
  • Keep moving for best results and don’t ‘press the gun too hard or remain in one spot for a long period.
  • More is not better. You might think that a ninety-minute massage from a massage therapist feels amazing. However, the same is not true for a percussion massage gun. Focus on everybody part for just a few minutes before moving on. This is sufficient for enjoying the full benefit of the therapy without causing discomfort or trauma.

Advice Prior To Using A Massage Gun

As with every other electronic device, be cautious and smart when using a massage gun. It might appear obvious, but be sure to avoid things like nerves, major arteries, or internal organs. Assess how you body is responding, and the moment something feels off, stop immediately. It should also be noted that a massage gun is not a one-stop solution for every physical ailment. They only form part of a holistic therapy plan. Make sure you seek assistance from a medical professional if your injury is not healing.

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